I Tried the Japanese Kanpeki Facial. Ahemdabad Salon Day [Video]

You must be wondering- how come a beauty blogger like me who advises natural and home care formula, yet visits a salon occasionally? But here's a thing about occasional indulgence and self-pampering that you cannot ignore. I do like visiting salons at a time to get my dose of indulgence. Except for the hair, I can do everything at home that the salon offers. And often more hygienic and cost-efficient way than the salon. Yet the idea of visiting a well-done salon and get a little served by someone else is tempting. Tempting enough to waste the shit load of time and money.

I am neither promoting salon culture nor bringing it down. But I would love to avail of a good offer whenever it comes my way. And men, I really love getting pampered.

In this blog, I will reminisce about one of my salon outings in Ahmedabad. I will talk about the services I had there, my experience, and overall feedback. I know it is more interesting to get the services by yourself than reading about someone else's experience. However, if you are in the same city, I am sure every review makes a difference. Here's let me make this one worth your time.

A Day [or two] at the Salon
It was that time around Karwa Chauth and Diwali when El Dios offered me to try their new festive package worth Rs 4000. It is the same new salon where I got my hair keratin done [blog/vlog coming soon]. Since my hair was behaving decently I thought of giving the salon another try. I anyways had to get the regular threading, waxing done which unfortunately was not part of the package. Ahh! grooming goes down the drain.

So, what was the part of the package?
It was a special Diwali Grooming package. The package comprised of 4 services including a facial, a hair spa, a basic manicure, and a basic pedicure.

What I availed?
I got a facial, a basic manicure, hair wash with a blow-dry and a complimentary eyebrow threading. The pedicure never happened in spite of several reminders.

What I liked most?
Indeed the facial and the hair blow-dry. After all, who does not like a good facial? and someone washing your hair on a salon chair is quite relaxing. I requested the same hair technician who did my hair keratin and he happily obliged.

Read the Facial Segment for detailed experience.

Salon Tour and The complete experience

It actually took 2 days of sittings to finish the above services. Do check out my detailed video for the salon tour and detailed experience.


Japanese Facial Ritual with Kanpeki

Have you seen Japanese people's skin? Isn't it so clear and beautiful?

Well, while demography, DNA and weather play their own role, getting skincare secrets from experts always helps. And cross-cultural rituals are fun to try. 

So when the salon suggested this wonderful facial by the Japanese brand, I was all curious. It was the first time that I think I tried this Kanpeki Facial.

Men, I was quite intrigued and excited by the whole package. Since I was shooting the vlog, the salon took me through the entire package and process. I had to maintain the video length, so I needed to chop that segment though. Besides, it was more personal based on my skin type.

Yes, they have different variants starting from Rs 2000 for different skin types and concerns.

How was my facial session? Oh, I just loved it. The spa room was done tastefully and had a calm and peaceful aura about it. Check more on my video.

The seed mask was the most amazing and intriguing part of it. It took around 40-45 minutes to finish the ritual which included 10 minutes of the massage and 2 different types of the mask. Oh yes, I liked the glow.

Do not get daunted with the wooden platter and accessories as shown in the video as they were mere props and not used during the process.

If you are going for the same facial, you can bring the box as a memoir [suggested by the salon head].

Hair Needs a tender Head Massage and Wash

The tress needs to get de-stress too. I was recommended a simple hair wash and blow-dry. Cause I had recently got a Keratin treatment and salon advised to not take the hair spa. Given the time constraint, I settled for the hair wash. Cause my D'ORO Keratin shampoo and conditioner were yet to arrive and my hair needed the wash. 

The hair keratin video is going to be coming soon on my YouTube channel. I have delayed it to give a more realistic picture of the treatment. Cause talking about a treatment immediately always results in unclear and ineffective feedback. It is always better to wait for some time before getting carried away with salon-fresh hair to gauge better. 

If you are planning hair keratin, my vlog is going to be helpful. So do ensure that you subscribe and follow me on the blog as well YouTube

Ending it with a Classic Manicure

Like our face and hair, our nails are equally important and hence I opted for a quick manicure to file and paint my nails. I chose a bright yellow for nail color so it contrasts well with my mehndi. Do check out my Instagram from the final nails look. Share your comments on how did you like the color and the Henna design. here's the link

Well, that's all for today. I hope you liked this vlog. Do not forget to share ur feedback with me. do subscribe like and comment on the video.

Overall Experience
It was a decent experience and I thoroughly liked the sessions. The only setback was the service orientation and salon wait time. In spite of an almost empty salon, I spent a lot of time waiting. All the services were pre-selected and ideally, it should have taken only 2.5 hours or max 3 hours to complete. It, unfortunately, took more than 5-6 hours combined.

However, I loved the facial and hair wash. I have paid separately for the chocolate waxing and although the pricing was on the higher side, I was happy with the waxing per se.

The decor is quite beautiful. I really liked the quirky hair quotes on their wall. Overall neatness and cleanliness had been maintained as well.

Overall, the salon is quite new and needs some more time on managing the service levels. For example- the water for a manicure was extremely cold and getting the nail paint done from the disinterested staff was tedious.  The pricing was on the higher side and should be tone down keeping the service and the customer experience in the mind.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed my salon day [s] at El Dios.

Thank you, Deepak, Khushbu, and Soyeb for your services.

Stay Groomed, Stay Haute

Haute Kutir

PS: this is a partially sponsored post where a couple of services were given complimentary for the vlog/blog. Experience and opinion are unbiased and may vary from person to person.

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