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Ekta, the chief blogger and editor of Haute Kutir with her muse- the effervescent Satrupa Pyne at #LakmeFashionWeek #SummerResort.

Satrupa is wearing the High street ensemble styled by Ekta. The styling was chosen among hundreds of styling proposals from India and showcased among the Top 3 design/style on the LFW stage. 

Welcome to Haute Kutir

What is Haute Kutir

Haute Kutir is your one-stop destination for Beauty, Fashion, Food, and Lifestyle. It is derived from the word Haute Couture. And why Kutir but not Couture? Well first of all "Kutir" is a Sanskrit word which means- House. This blog aims at being a one-stop blog for Fashion. Lifestyle and Food. So Haute Kutir serves the purpose. Shakespeare said- What's in a name after all? Well, I say everything. The blog is fresh, Original and bubbling. Stay Tuned for some awesome content here.

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Partner with Haute Kutir

At Haute Kutir, we believe in doing things for passion, rationality, and fun. While we write our own content, we also work with PR for any special coverage, brand collaboration, product review, event coverage, customized/curated content, Brand/Blog Contests, Blogger Outreach program, Social media campaigns, Twitter contests and lots more. 

Haute Kutir also helps in planning bloggers' engagement and brand outreach program. 

Why Work with Haute Kutir?

1) Unique Content backed by both marketer and consumer experience
2) Simplified content for all, across genres
3) In-depth coverage
4) Specialist team [Chief Editor owns another blog that is Among Top 5 in India]
5) High "word of mouth" and Social Influence and no "Fake" Followers to show the nos
6) Quality Oriented


For any PR/ Media/ Info/ Events/ Blog Tie-up, do drop me/my team a mail at hautekutir@gmail.com

and we shall get back to you asap!

Happy Living and Beautiful Thinking!

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We are currently looking for the following roles on a part-time/ full time/ contractual basis-

1) Team Member
2) Photographer

To apply, mail us at hautekutir@gmail.com with subject as "careers at Haute Kutir"

Disclaimer and Policy

  • This is a personal blog and not affiliated with any particular brand or agency. Content used here is strictly self-created unless stated otherwise specifically.
  • The Information provided is for general purposes only. Haute Kutir is not a professionally certified consultant or medical expert but makes the best effort to provide accurate information and honest advice
  • Review/feedback provided is purely experiential and perceptional basis. Products/Services featured are basis the personal procurement, PR samples and if otherwise, stated. Though Haute Kutir is a PR friendly blog, reviews are unaffected by whether the samples are received or are self-purchased.
  • Review Policy also includes the decision to try, test and feature products/services on Haute Kutir, lies solely with the owner- Not all products/ requests sent for review are necessarily showcased on the blog and will be duly communicated. Haute Kutir does select blogging instead of jumping into the bandwagon to churn unnecessary content for visibility's sake.
  • The DIYs and tips are personally proposed and Haute Kutir holds no responsibility or guaranteed solution. What may work for one person, may not work for others and we would like you to understand that. However, Haute Kutir would provide whatever details possible and in case of any untoward effect/experience, it will be shared on this site. 
  • Haute Kutir is a PR Friendly and same time readers Friendly website as well
  • Do not Copy- The contents, style, and pictures on this blog, unless stated, belongs to the blog and are copyright protected. Please stay away from any kind of copying, re-publishing or plagiarism without the owner's written consent. If you wish to use any content from this site, do write to us and take written permission. In case, if you find any of your copyright material including picture [as we may take some pictures from google search but crediting with source links], do let us know and we shall address it amicably.
  • Recommend checking the product ingredients in details from product original website before trying out basis or recommendation to evade allergies [if any]. 
Advertising Policy
If you are an advertiser and want to buy relevant ad space on Haute Kutir, do drop in a mail. We may consider your proposal. Kindly note, Haute Kutir will not flash any Maligned/ Inappropriate or subjected to Porn content on the blog.

Guest Blogging on Haute Kutir
Sharing is Caring. And we believe in win-win associations. Do write to us if you want to do a guest post or showcase your work/blog/video on Haute Kutir. We will review the content before publishing.

Comment Policy
Comments on this blog are currently not in the moderated stage but are being notified. We do not entertain cheap thrills here just to falsify "popularity" and hence the reason why the comments are not allowed to be posted anonymously. Any reader/ co-blogger trying to malign the blog's name by using un-acceptable means like posting spam messages or making false statements or any breach of trust or found spreading false rumors will be seriously taken and severe actions can be imposed.

Kindly refrain from posting any spam, malicious or hurtful comment on this blog

Exceptions: Any exception would be stated. 

Happy Living, Inclusive living!
Be Original!


  1. Wow! Amazed to know that couture is originated from Kutir! Proud to be Indian :) BTW, Nice blog!

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