A Quick 5 Tips Guide on Tooth Care & Owning a Million Dollar Smile

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You know, first impressions last forever. Creating a first impression is quite simple. Apart from focusing on a well-groomed look and pleasant body language, all you need is- a good smile.

Yes, a smile takes things a mile ahead. A pleasant smile serves not just as a good ice breaker but helps in creating lasting impressions. So smile and keep smiling often. Not only it is a good personality trait but also adds to your face value.

What makes a good smile?

Well, different people have different smiles. Some smile with their mouth wide open, some have pursed lip smiles. Some people smile displaying their whole dentition, some smile ear to ear and then there are those who smile as if they are being charged for smiling. Yup, we refer to the latter part as a “quarter/cent smile”. 

Having a million Dollar Smile

Often, we associate good personality with a good smile and a good smile with phrase “million dollar smile”. Wonder what it takes to have a million dollar smile? We asked a few people about their idea of #Million Dollar Smile. Some said- beautiful lips, other said- well-shaped jawline. 
However, a vital thing that most of our respondents missed was- healthy teeth.

Yes, healthy gums and healthy teeth are quite important for your “million dollar smile”. 

Here’s sharing few tips that will not just enhance your smile, but will also help you leave a lasting impression-

1) Proper Oral Care Hygiene: Imagine someone greets you with a smile with green coloured, vegetable laden teeth. Eew! Hence it is imperative to maintain your teeth which include washing your mouth post eating anything, brushing at least twice a day and using a good mouth wash.

2) Sparkling white- The tarter often leads to teeth discoloration and visiting a dentist every month can be an expensive affair. Besides, while there is a debate going on about the “loss of enamel while frequent teeth cleaning”, let us look at some homemade and time-tested methods to keep the teeth white. If you follow proper hygiene, your teeth will be clean and healthy.

3) Chewing Gum: Whoever said chewing gum damages your teeth, must have been talking about the ones with sugar. Sugar-free chewing gums help release saliva into your mouth which acts as a mouth rinse post meal to wash away the bacteria and acids in your mouth caused due to eating.

4) Brush it all- Using a good brush is as important as using a right technique for brushing.
Go for a soft bristled tooth brush and do ensure that you replace your brush at least once in 3 months. While brushing, use a circular motion and remember to brush the backside of your teeth as well.

5) Fluoride rinse: This is very handy for people who suffer from tooth sensitivity. After brushing
your teeth with desensitising toothpaste for sensitivity like Sensodyne, rinse your mouth with fluoride.

Well, those were some quick and easy-to-do tips for having healthy teeth and a “million dollar smile”. Of course, eating smart is important. Do take the sensitivity test [link] and it may help in giving you that million dollar smile we talked about. 

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