New Indoor Plants Haul, Care, Pricing and More #Houseplantlover

My New Plants Haul

If I have my way, I will buy/obtain all plants on the earth. Whether it is foliage, flowering, vegetables, or succulents, I love them all so much. 

Plant shopping and nursery visits are my favorite pass time or hobby as you may like to say. 

Watch my video to find the different Indoor plants I recently bought, why, and more. 

You can watch this video on my YouTube channel as well. Do subscribe as it means a lot to me :) 

Important Tips

1) Check the plant thoroughly before buying
2) Check the pot size
3) Know the right quantity of water to give the plant
4) Do not over-fertilize
5) Know the Right fertilizer for your plant

Adopt Green Thumb, Stay Haute

Ekta/ Haute Kutir


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