New Indoor Plants Haul, Care, Pricing and More #Houseplantlover

My New Plants Haul

If I have my way, I will buy/obtain all plants on the earth. Whether it is foliage, flowering, vegetables, or succulents, I love them all so much. 

Plant shopping and nursery visits are my favorite pass time or hobby as you may say. 

Watch my video to find the different Indoor plants I recently bought, why, and more. 

You can watch this video on my YouTube channel as well. Do subscribe as it means a lot to me :) 

Important Tips

1) Check the plant thoroughly before buying
2) Check the pot size
3) Know the right quantity of water to give the plant
4) Do not over-fertilize
5) Know Right fertilizer for your plant

Adopt Green Thumb, Stay Haute

Ekta/ Haute Kutir

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