Review of Oriflame Pure Nature Tropical Fruits Facial Kit

People are like stained - glass windows. They sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when the darkness sets in, their true beauty is revealed only if there is a light from within.
                                                                                                              Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

We at Haute Kutir have always believed in looking beautiful, inside and out, In light and in darkness, skin deep and heartfelt as well. While we would urge you to maintain your inner beauty, we will also, in our constant endeavor to help you highlight your external beauty, will come up with interesting #Beauty care and cosmetics suggestions and review

Continuing the legacy, I thought about sharing this wonderful "Facial Kit"  that we discovered a few weeks back, with all the readers. Yes, it is "Do at home" Facial kit that comes handy to you given the care your skin needs and goodness of ingredients it has.

Oriflame Pure Nature Tropical Fruits Facial

Swedish Direct selling Cosmetic Giant Oriflame has recently launched "Pure Nature" range of skin care products. I have used their Manicure set and Rose water toner in past and loved both of them. Being a happy user and a sucker for facials [Yes I love getting facials, if not for cleansing but purely for facial massage] I have agreed immediately to try this product. And what I received was purely wonderful and fruit-tastic!

Product review: After much deliberation between fruits and tea tree, I have opted for facial kit for "Normal to Dry skin" in Tropical Fruits.

Packaging: The product[s] came in a white-yellow square box. The kit comprised of-
Pure Nature Facial Cleanser .
Pure Nature Face Scrub
Pure Nature Face Massage Cream
Pure Nature Face Mask

The products came in sturdy and easy to use, designed in white and yellow containers. The packaging is simple, neat and apt.

Price: Rs 1199.

Product: A little about them in details, including the step by step products

1) Pure Nature Facial Cleanser [bottle]: It is a soap free cleanser infused with tropical fruits cocktail. It is quite mild and gently cleanses, refreshes he skin leaving it glow. 

Application: Gently massage on wet skin, avoiding eye area, lightly massage and rinse
This is to clean the face from all dust grim.

2) Pure Nature Face Scrub [Tube]: It exfoliates and cleanse skin by removing dead skin and impurities. It re-freshens and energize the skin leaving it healthy and smooth.

Application: Apply on wet face and massage with outward/ upward circular ,movement for around 4-5 minutes all over face n body

3) Pure Nature Face Massage Cream [pot]: It moisturizes and softens the skin . Also, boost the skin with tropical fruit cocktail rich in antioxidants. 
Application: massage it for 5-10 minutes to stimulate micro-circulation.. Gently wipe off.

4) Pure Nature Face Mask [Tube]: Fruit mask that intensively moisturize and revitalize the skin. Application: Squeeze the tube and apply ample amount of mask on your face without rubbing it leave it for 15-20 minutes and then gently wipe off with soft towel or rinse with water. Pat dry

A glance at mirror and you will feel the difference.

Haute Kutir Experience: I have used the product late in evening post my return from work. Obviously I was tired and my skin dull. I have been delaying my Facial appointment for more than weeks and was in much need something that relax my skin and in the meantime rejuvenate it. 

So did Oriflame Pure Nature Facial Kit did the magic? Was it useful or just another product in market? Is it worth investing time and and skin in? And how tropical the tropical fruits are?

Well, the answer of all them are YES! A big resounding yes.

The facial kit is light in texture, has fresh appeal and is quite effective in fighting dullness and dryness of skin. The fragrance is awesome, something that transports you in to the world of Hawaian Tropical fruits. Normally, I do not prefer skin care products with strong fragrance but loved the refreshing one of this. It is irresistible and a very good option for facials especially during summers and even monsoon. 

I, in particular liked the scrub and the massage cream. The scrub is mild yet well grained and best part is that you would require a little amount to scrub off your facial skin clean. Avoiding using excessive as neither do you require [unless your skin is really in bad shape]. 

The cream is amazing. Its super smooth textured, almost like velvet on your skin. I really loved its feel and ended up applying more than I needed. Sachchi!

There is quite attention to details given to product like the thick silver foil covering on the massage cream protecting the fragrance while giving rich look to same. The cream is quite good and worth trying. One thing that I did not liked as much is the Facial Cleanser as I felt its too mild or may be I am too accustomed to foam based cleanser. Also, another thing that I did not liked was- it contains Paraben. For other ingredients, you can check the picture above,

Haute Kutir Verdict: The Oriflame Pure Nature Facial kit is quite easy to use and does work on your skin. It does not take much time but does what it is meant to do. At Rs 1199, it is quite cheaper than on e decent facial that you want to do and can be used for multiple times. So go ahead and splurge yourself.

Be Beautiful,
Haute Kutir

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