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My Hair CC 14 Days Challenge with Pantene Pro V

Hey girl,
I love your mane
hey girl
it drives me insane
Hey girl,
it is your crowning glory
silky, long, a smooth love story
Hey girl
open your tresses
Rapunzel is thy name! 

Hey Boy,
I love your song
your compliments will go way long.
let my hair be tied
behind the bow
till I length them small
cause you do not know
I have a bad hair fall!!

Having a Hairfall that breaks your heart?????
Ain't it breaks your heart to see your beautiful hair falling off your head? Well, it does break my heart to see those lovely strands of hair on my pillow, comb and washroom sieve. Given Mumbai's high humidity and the jam-packed life, hair fall and damage is one of the lifestyle disorders that a lot of girls/ women battles on a day-to-day basis.

I am no different. My once upon a time, the crowning glory, my hair are no more strong and silky. Hair fall has cast a bad eye on them and I am losing my precious hair by every passing day. 

I have checked my diet and found it fine. It is not the diet but my fast paced lifestyle laced with heavy duty hair styling and lack of sleep that is causing the damage. We cannot stop the lemons that life throws at us and no matter how much we plan to make a nourishing lotion from that lemon and apply on our face and scalp, it remains an unrequited dream in our "forever on the toe" life. 

Solutions are many but nothing is effective unless you have a good OCC regime i.e. Oiling, Cleaning and Conditioning.

My Hair CC Regime with Pantene Pro-V
The regime begins at properly following the OCC mantra on a regular basis. and it ends with using the right product for your hair. 

Blame the monsoon or the hard water, post my hair smoothening process, I was experiencing extensive hair fall. I went to my hair stylist and asked to cut my hair short to achieve some volume but that wasn't helping much. 

It is then I decided to take the Pantene 14 days challenge to reduce hair fall. They promised to bring a new, improved solution to reduce hair fall, make them look luscious and smooth too. Now they have all the ingredients to tempt any girl. Hence I complied.

The brand sent me the bottles of the new Pantene Pro-V shampoo and conditioner along with another  competitive brand in an incognito bottles. I found trying it easier than doing a head stand. Lolz..

As per the instruction, I separated my hair into two equal parts and used the products. It felt messy but a small price to pay to prevent hair loss.

My hair at both sides felt good and ok. However, I could not see any reduction in the hair fall. Baah! empty promises. I thought and left the shower. My hair did felt good and if you follow me on snap chat [@ektakhetan] you would have seen how my hair looked post the wash and after getting dried too.

Once my hair wee completely dried they felt better and looked shinier. I could see the volume and the beauty are- it made my hair cut looked prominent and in the place. Whereas the hair from other side felt shabby and I shampooed them with Pantene Pro-V, the very next day.

Since I have used Pantene in past and it has always come to my hair rescue, I decided to give it further try and complete my challenge. my hair fall is not 100% gone though but it has been reduced to a good extent. 

Here is what I liked about it
1) Creamy and soft texture
2) Easy to lather
3) Easy to cleanse
4) Cleans Scalps effectively
5) Mild fragrance, not strongly deodorised
6) Cost effective
7) Works on the volume of the hairs
8) Cleanse effectively

What I did not like
Dry Scalp: I have a dry scalp and the shampoo in the bid to clean, makes it further dry too. 
You can combat this situation by diluting your shampoo in a little quantity of water before applying on your head.

Packaging: It comes in sturdy tube packs and easy to carry/use.

Pricing: Shampoo 110 INR for 180ml; conditioner 55 INR for 75ml.


Pantene Pro-V Shampoo

Pantene Pro_V Conditioner

Haute Kutir Verdict: I am a loyal Pantene user. I have been using their products even before it was launched in India and have a distinct liking for them. I like them for the sheer fact that they make my hair look good, feel happy. The new Pantene Pro-V does help in combatting the hair fall. Not just that my hair, as I mentioned feels bouncy and good.  Do take the Pantene Pro-v 14 days challenge and let me know if it worked for your hair. It is a cosmetic product and is for external use only. It is an alternate and not a complete solution. In case, of heavy hair fall, you may like to see your nutrition as well.

Look at my Pantene- "no styling tool used, no potion applied" Hair. All I did was to paddle brush my hair and step out for a beauty launch event in Mumbai.

Stay Haute


I am taking up the #14DayChallenge as a part of product review activity at BlogAdda in association with Pantene

Build your Lingerie Trousseau with Zivame Bridal Collection

Lingerie: Mark of A Woman
If a man is known by the shoe he wears, a lady is distinguished by the lingerie she picks. A lingerie, after all, is not just an essential piece of clothing but also a fashion and lifestyle bearer. A good lingerie not just makes you feel comfortable from within but is a great confidence booster too. 

If you are a newly-wed or a bride to be, then lingerie is an essential part of your Bridal Trousseau

Lingerie and Bridal Trousseau
Lingerie is an essential part of your bridal trousseau. I have seen many brides running pillar to post while shopping for lingerie and often picking up stuff that they may not actually use. I have quite some adventures lying in my trousseau closet [quite figuratively] and every time I look at them, they remind me of my dead investment. 

As women, we often neglect the importance of having a good lingerie and unfortunately, it is given third preference over our clothes, shoes etc. Time is changing and a lot of women are waking up to the need of having a good lingerie. The only issue is not knowing what to buy and from where. No, I am not getting into those prickly stores with male shopkeepers and the dingy dressing rooms. You can brave all that as long you know what you want to buy and how to buy without burning a hole in your pocket. Lingerie shopping has off late become quite an expensive task with zillions of brands available in a store, vying for your attention and repelling it at the same time with the expensive price tags. 

Recently, I went Bridal lingerie shopping with a friend who is getting married this December. We walked into this fancy looking store in the Mall and came outside within 30 minutes after breaking our heads and hands trying some great looking lingeries at the trial room. 

Reason? The lingeries looked cool from exteriors but were a discomfort to wear. We felt like mannequins from SAKS 5th avenue that looked good only in the showcase. Besides, the price tags of Rs 4000 per piece made us feel illiterate and like a fool. Come on, that is little too much for a piece of a brassiere in name of bridal lingerie. We indeed need something that is classy, elegant and yet not pretentiously priced. 

I was suddenly reminded of Zivame as I have tried their shapewear bottom a few days back and quite liked it. We immediately checked their website on our smartphone and happy to discovered their newly launched Bridal collection.

Zivame Bridal Collection

Zivame, a well-known name in female lingerie label, has recently launched an attractive new collection- "The Bridal Collection".

The collection has some attractive range of lingerie including brassiere, panties and camisoles. The range looked attractive, colourful and economical as well. We picked quite some pieces for my soon to be bride friend, who was apparently happy with the size, the fit, the texture and overall look. 

Being an avid shopper, I could not resist the temptation either and picked two for self. My excuse was- she is getting married, so why should I wear an old lingerie on her wedding ;)

Here is what I picked for self-

When it comes to lingerie, my favourite colour has always been white and black. I have picked -

1) Zivame Satin Brides Padded Moderate Pushup Low Back Bra- Pearl White : It is a plush bridal level-2 push-up bra, which visibly adds a cup size, making you look fuller under your bridal outfits. It's made of rich satin fabric with smooth padded, seamless & underwired cups with partial lace overlay complementing the mesh wings. Plus, it's very low-back design stays hidden under your deep back necklines.

Price: Rs 1395

I totally loved the look and the feel of it. It looks classy, elegant yet Haute [read sexy] at the same time. I actually do not like padded ones but this designed won me over.

2) Zivame Satin Brides Balconette Neckline Bra- Pearl White (A-E)

This extremely delicate, plush bridal bra has a mesh-lined lace underwired cups. It is set in a rich satin frame complementing the mesh wings. Plus, the 2-sectioned cups with balconette neckline stay hidden even under low necklines.

This is a luxurious lace woven with lurex threads. The non-padded design offers breathable comfort. The only drawback is the sheer, look through fabric. 

Price: Rs 1295.

My friend liked the pieces so much that she twinned them in her order as well. Guess, the bride and the bridesmaid going to wear the same balconette on her wedding ;)

Haute Kutir Verdict: When it come so lingerie shopping, I am quite reserved and highly selective. I always handpick my lingerie with utmost deliberation and high expectations. I understand bridal lingerie is slightly bolder than regular ones and yet prefer classy over kitschy. These lingeries do have an Etsy feel to them and are quite comfortable for regular wear as well.

I so much loved their online collection and think that it is an easier way to shop lingeries. They have 15 days return guarantee too.

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and gift your Bridal Trousseau a lingerie makeover with Zivame Bridal Collection.

Live Haute, Read Haute Kutir!!

You can check out the collection here or something with the below link....

Do not forget to check my "Top 5 Essentials of a Bridal Trousseau" Video on my @Youtube channel!

With Hindware, Your Dream Bath is an APP away

The changing face of bath rooms

Gone are the days when bathrooms were merely a place to brush your teeth, do your daily ablution and take a shower. With changing times, lifestyle marches forward and the concept of bath-rooms is far revolutionized from being merely a sanitation space to more of a personal style statement.
To suit the changing lifestyle, lifestyle tech too takes a step ahead with augmented reality.
Yes, you read it right- Dream Bath with Augmented Reality!

Review & Video of Lakme Absolute Illuminate Makeup- Sabyasachi Edition

Fashion- When Saree Wooed Hollywood!

Hollywood Loves Indian Saree

There have been instances in the fashion world when the west took inspirations from the Indian culture to sport fashion in more graceful manner.

Saree is one of the classiest picks that west is inspired with, we can spot leading Hollywood ladies draped in designer sarees on important occasions. Here’s a little glimpse into the times the Hollywood sported saree at different occasions.

Drape It That Way
Draping is an art and it sets your outfit and you apart, there are a couple of prevalent draping styles that are popular.

Butterfly draping is a style in which the end piece of the saree is pleated very thin to reveal the midriff.  Usually paired with a heavily embellished blouse that compliments the thin drape across the body. Gujarati and Bengali style are a couple of styles originated from their region and are very famous. The most trending is the dhoti or the pant style saree draping where you compliment your saree with a well-fitted pair of trousers or dhoti.

Even Lady Raga could not remain un smitten by whole 6 yards

Let’s have a look at the candid pictures of Hollywood beauties rocking the desi dress.

Naomi Campbell
The supermodel walked the ramp for a charity event in Mumbai, in a black Sabyasachi in 2009.

Seven Things You Should Know About Olaplex Hair Treatment

Our hair undergoes so much stress and damage that we need to nourish it from time to time. Sometimes, just regular care is not sufficient and you may need an expert intervention. You need something that aims to get inside the root of your hair damage and strengthen the core. One such treatment is Olaplex.

Olaplex aims to work on your hair damage and unlike a hair spa or a smoothing treatment. It has shown note worthy results worldwide and hence, when French premiere Salon JCB- Jean Claude Biguine invited me to try out on my own hair, I wrapped all my curiosity and went ahead for a trial session.

What: Olaplex Treatment
Where: Jean Claude Biguine, Juhu

I met the senior stylist at JCB who tended to me and gave further details about this treatment, including answering my questions related to the treatment. It was an engaging session wherein I had a good tete a tete while getting my hair their first dose of Olaplex treatment from the expert.

Basis my interaction, here are top 5 things you may like to know about the new-age Olaplex treatment for hair.

Olaplex Treatment for Hair

1) Olaplex is not a styling solution but Damage Repair Treatment: Our hair are made of bonds which gets damaged due to excessive use of styling tools, heating, coloring and normal wear-tear. This treatement aims to bring back the bonds together and repair them. The treatement is done on your dead hair i.e. already grown hair i.e. 1-2 cm away from your scalp.

2) It is not a One Time Treatment: Every session helps repair the damage by 20%. Hence you need a minimum of 3-5 sessions to see a substantial change. Every session can be laced with a successive gap of minimum 10 days. Every seating augments 20% repair to your hair

3) Olaplex is the name of the product: It is a three step Process where 3 different products from Olaplex, starting from no1 to 2 to 3 are applied on your hair. The application depends upon the extent of your hair damage

4) Damaged and color treated hair: It is primarily for damaged and color-treated hair. However, if you have dry hair, you too can go for it.

5) No Restriction Treatment: Anyone can avail this treatment including expecting mothers, cancer patient. It does not have any strong chemicals and considered safe for all.

6) It is not a Shine Treatement: Unlike spa or cysteine, it does not gives you Shinier hair as the hair may start shining in due process say after 3rd seating wherein the accumulated benefit would be around 60% [depending on your hair type] 

7) Post Olaplex Care: Thankfully, unlike cysteine or smoothening it does not command any specific product to be used. You can use your existing hair care products. And that does not mean that you can use any random product on your hair

However you can also use Olaplex no 3 at home to preserve your treatment. All you have to do is to apply Olaplex no 3 all over your hair, leave it for 20+ minutes and then wash it off. 

You can buy this solution from authorized retail. 

The treatment costs around Rs 2500 per seating at the JCB. 

My Experience: 

At first my stylist mixed the Olaplex no 1 with water and applied all over my hair and left for 5 minutes. In step no 2, she applied the Olaplex no 2 Cream and left it for 25 + minutes. The lotion on your hair helps the cream, to seep in your hair.

In the third and final step they shampoo and condition your hair to seal the product in the hair, followed by applying any mild serum. You can chose to go for blow drying but it is totally optional. 

The shampoo used was SP System Professonal and she gave the finishing touches with Sebastian potion. 

Here's my finished look-

Haute Kutir Verdict: Since it was a single seating session, giving a verdict is not possible and unfair too. However, it was not a lengthy procedure and did not made me nauseated like my previous hair smoothening. I guess I would need at least 3 sitting to start working on the level of damage my hair has. It may vary from person to person, hair to hair.

I do not color my hair with an exception of 3 strips years back. However, I had undergone hair smoothening treatment in July which was quite a chemical ridden treatment and my hair needed some respite.

Though I got my hair blow dried, I would suggest that unless required, do not blow dry or iron your hair immediately. Well, it is a simple HK tip and is not backed by any prescription in the treatment.

Do let me know if you are planning or undergone Olaplex Treatment in the past. I would love to hear your responses.

Say Ola to Haute Hair

Unboxing & Review | My Envy Box- Handmade Edition | November 2016

I remember, as a teenager, I used to create a lot of DIY face masks, hair oil and ubatan for self. As I grew up, that art of making handmade, homemade beauty products have gone somewhere and with increasing lifestyle [read hectic schedule] it became a near extinct possibility.

My DIY home beauty products were replaced by big bottles, tubes and fancy ampules from different cosmetic companies, India and abroad. I was living the silicon, paraben dreams gleefully yet so much ached for those natural products.

Forget the time, finding the right ingredient, tempering and storing them has become a luxury. At such time, you just love it when someone offers you a pure, natural and handmade solutions that may do good for your skin and body.

This month's My EnVy Box echoed my sentiments with its "Pure natural" and all "handmade" products.

My EnvyBox India- November Box

What: Monthly beauty Subscription Box
Theme: Handmade
No of products: 5
MRP: Rs 850
COD: Available

Without further ado, here is what I received in my envy box this month.

List of Products-

1) Fuschia Verve Face Mask – Full size (Rs.450/- for 100g)

This mask claims to have core ingredients of Kiwi and Asparagus. Given the high anti-oxidant properties of Kiwis and cooling properties of asparagus, I am quite excited to try it out. The green colour looks refreshing and the mask does smell natural.

2) The Green Meadow Lip Butter – Full size (Rs.400/- for 15ml)

3) Neemli Naturals Shea Butter Body Polish/Scrub -Full size (Rs.475/- for 25g)

4) Aerth Hair Protein Pack- Full size (Rs.275/- for 150g)

Using Bengal Gram powder with fenugreek on my hair, is stimulating enough.

5) Vert Lip Scrub- Full size (Rs.450/- for 10g)

In Addition, there are two cards-

For detailed review and ingredients details, do check out my unboxing video on Youtube

What I liked
1) All natural, handmade, pure theme
2) Choice of products
3) Value for money
4) Actual sizes instead of namesake sample
5) Latest Manufactured products, with all required dates, clearly mentioned on the packaging
6) No Animal tested products

Value for Money: The box is indeed a VFM. The MRP of the box is Rs 850 wherein the collective MRP of the products inside is Rs 2050.

If you use the code REFER20, it will give you a limited discount of 20%. 

The Unboxing video

You can check my unboxing video on youtube channel or here-

Do not forget to SUBSCRIBE me on Youtube

I will try some of these products [hopefully] soon. They all look good to me and the packaging is so spa-like that am sure my shower vanity will love it :) Let me know if there is any specific product or product[s] that you would like to be reviewed. 

Haute Kutir Verdict: Living to the theme, this month's box came in a beautiful spring-autumn colours and print. The box had 5 full-size retail products and looked loaded and versatile from the word go. The products are, indeed drool worthy and I am going to try them soon.

The box is worth your purchase. If you have not booked the box already, go ahead and book yourself one. They also make a wonderful gifting option with high presentability and good content.

If you have already bought this one, let me know which one is your favorite product and why?


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