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Are Your Pearls Real?

Are your pearls real? This is how to find out

Pearls are synonymous with elegance and class. The quintessential charm of pearl jewellery has attracted many. Celebs like Sarah Jessica Parker, Katy Perry and the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, are known to have a penchant for pearls.

Celebs like Sarah Jessica Parker, Katy Perry and the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, are known to have a penchant for pearls.

The pearl jewellery lends a sophisticated touch to all attires and comes in various shapes and colours. Some pearls are brighter than the others and some more expensive than the rest. With easy availability and an extensive range, it’s hard to determine the genuineness of the product. To help you figure out whether those pristine pearls in your closet are real or not, here are a few tips.

Look for imperfections
The flawless the pearl is, the higher is its chances of being fake. Formation of real pearls is a natural process and have a scope for imperfection. Unlike the artificial pearls, the pearls that are derived from the freshwater or ocean shellfish are bound to have some minor flaws inside. These are absent in the imitation pearls.

Observe for deviations in size
If the pearls are perfectly round, there is a good chance that they are imitations. Finding perfectly-rounded pearls with a flawless appearance is rare. Real pearls are oblong in size with some signs of imperfection. Also, each natural pearl is unique with the difference in shape, size, colour and luster. If all pearls in your necklace appear the same, the chances are high that you have invested in a piece of artificial pearl jewellery.

Feel the weight
Most real pearls feel a little heavier than the artificial pearls of the same size. If the pearls feel hefty in your hand, be assured of their purity. On the contrary, plastic pearls feel insignificant when weighed on your hand. This method may not assure you of the purity of pearls completely, but clearly is an indicator of the extremes on the purity meter. 

Check for their gritty texture
Surface magnification is one of the reliable ways to check the purity of pearls.  Pearls when observed under microscopic magnification showcase a characteristic maze-like pattern that vouches of their purity. You need a 64X magnifying glass to check if the surface has mazy or scale-like structure.
Another great test to authenticate real pearls is the surface friction test. Bring the surface of two beads together and rub them against each other. If you feel the friction between the two, they are real unlike the smoother ones.

Try the tooth test
Rub the pearls against your teeth. Do they feel gritty? If yes, then you should be relieved that the pearls are real. Real pearls do not have a flawless smooth surface and so produce friction when rubbed against teeth. This is one of the most popular tests to validate real pearl jewellery at home. If you want to be doubly sure about the authenticity of your pearls, then there is refractometer test, X-radiograph test, etc. done exclusively by professionals in the field.

Leave no doubt, refer to an expert
A test that most experts prefer for pearl testing is the X-radiograph test. With the help of an X-ray machine, the pearls are checked for purity. While real pearls show a semi-transparent grey colour, the fake ones are solid white and solid black on the positive and negative print respectively.

Getting your pearl jewellery appraised by a professional may cost you more, but is a more reliable option than the various tests performed at home.

With various jewellery designers adding a fresh breath to antique pearl jewellery designs, you can find all the modern variants at one place – CaratLane. Whether pearl earrings or pearl pendants, this online jewellery shopping platform has it all to add more colours to your festivities.

#Navratri YouTube #Giveaway: Win Biotique Products

My First YouTube Giveaway

Hi Friends,

Take a moment of your time and check out my #Youtube Giveaway on my channel. This Navratri, I am hosting a Giveaway on my +YouTube India channel.

About Biotique
Biotique is popular natural skin care brand thats uses 100% botanical products. The products are dermatologically tested and free from cruelty. When I say free from cruelty, it means these products are claimed to be "not tested on animals".  This is indeed a noble thing. Being citizens of this earth, we must avoid/boycott products that are tested on animals.

You can read a detailed review of some of the Biotique Products here

What You Can Win in This Giveaway
Here's what you can win, and let me tell you they are really good products that your skin will love-

Details of the products-

1) Biotique Bio Saffron Dew Youthful Nourishing Day cream
2) Biotique Bio Morning Nectar with 30+ SPF
3) Biotique Bio Wheat germ Youthful Nourishing Night cream
4) Biotique Bio Dandelion Ageless Lightening Serum

You can check the details at the Youtube Video where I have announced the Giveaway. Here's the video which has details of the contest-

Link: Navratri Giveaway on YouTube

Rules of the Game

It is a simple "Subscribe- Like- Comment" Giveaway. Just to reiterate, the rules are as follow-

1) Subscribe to my channel-
2) Like the #Giveaway Video
3) Comment on the video stating your favourite product or products from this video
4) Share the Video/ Giveaway on Social Media Platforms like Facebook/ Twitter/ Instagram/ YouTube

Do not forget to add all your links in the comment box of the video so we do not miss your participation. It will help us in selecting right winner.

Ain't that simple? So, what are you waiting for? Hurry and participate now!

Why You Should Participate in this Giveaway
 To put it simple-

1) It is a simple contest
2) Products are really good
3) It is open all across India
4) Anyone can participate- Men or Women!
5) Winners will be selected purely on merit basis.

Do win brownie points by bringing your friends to the contest. Sharing is caring!

Be Haute, Be Beautiful,
Haute Kutir


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Win Makeover for Your Home with Asian Paints iStyle Challenge

#Contest Alert!

Home Calling: Think Without Ink

I am a home décor enthusiast. I often see different designs, artefacts, furnishings and start running mental math placing them in my house from a design/ décor alignment point of view.

Needless to say, when it comes to design seeing is believing. The non-ink placement would be a great idea for math but this math does not work out for the home. You may feel that the curtain colour will suit your windows right but in reality, it may not. Even if you get your product rights, bringing a right synchronisation with different décor components still remains a challenge and that is where you look up on the skills of an interior designer to do your home.

Hiring an interior designer adds to your cost. What if I tell- you can design your home, with props of your choice, all virtually and at zero cost? Read on...

Be Your Own Interior Decorator

Give your home a brand new makeover with the help of Asian paints Colorstore. Using the app you can transform your living room into eclectic design or recreate your child’ room true to a fairy tale inspired look or convert your bedroom into a princess’ den or Royal elegance.

Not just that, you can take the istyle challenge and win a “free makeover for your home worth Rs 2,00,000” and more.

Asian Paints iStyle challenge

Wear Your creative hat and wield your keyboard to yield that perfect design that can win you prize worth Rs 2 Lakhs and more. Here’s how to participate in this simple challenge-

How to participate on the website?

1) Go to the website –  
2) Click on ‘Create Room’ -
3) Pick a room

4) Once you pick a room, the website will ask you add wall finishing, décor elements, etc. to the room selected.

5) On your right-hand side, select the elements that you would want to add to the room and ‘drag’ for it to be implemented on/in the room. (see the wall change and a cycle element added to the wall on RHS in the image below)

6) Once your project is done, you have to do 2 things –

a.         Save the project as image
b.         Then click on the Save button (2nd last from RHS) to save project on the website. It will either ask you to login via FB or Google OR create account on the website. Pick any and save. 

 7. The image saved earlier in Step 6(a) – This has to be uploaded on your FB, Twitter and Instagram account while sharing the blog.

My Designs Using Asian paints iStyle!

Here’s what I have created using this tool on the website-

1) Bedroom

Haute Blue- Grey Bedroom
 2) A White-Gold- Red Drawing Room giving an elegant, regal touch

Marquee Drawing Room
 3) The cosy Pink n Peppy Living room for the diva you.
Living Room
To check my entries, click here- Ekta on iStyle

What You Can win

Like I mentioned, there are amazing prizes to be won. The grand winners [2] will win a free makeover for their home worth Rs 2,00,000 [Delhi & Mumbai]

Not just that, there are multiple prizes to be won. Have a look:

To check entries made by other people:

Win Assured Gift Voucher

So what are you waiting for? Take the challenge today and share your design ideas with Asian Paints and the world. You can also invite your friends / acquaintances to participate in the same. I would love to see your designs. Feel free to share with me at the comment below and I will be happy to feature some of them on my blog, mentioning your name.

Not just that...the 2 most favorite entry will win Gift Vouchers from me! So share your design links in comment box below and get ready to win!

Happy iStyling


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