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My Envy Box May 2016 | Unboxing and Review of Tropical Beauty Edition

Hey Folks,

I liked the artwork of the New Envy Box that I promptly subscribed to it. Yeah, I am that crazy and knowing that I would barely use the products from beauty subscription boxes [I am a woman of fewer cosmetics you see], I went and ordered this one. 

Isn't this Rainforest artwork with a colorful keel-billed Toucan Bird lovely?

My Envy Box May 2016

Here's how it looks:

What: Monthly Subscription Beauty Box
Which: My Envy Box May 2016
Theme: Tropical Beauty Edition

What's Inside my MEB?
I have Vlogged the unboxing video, and spoken about the products in it. If you have not seen it yet, request you to subscribe to my +YouTube India Channel and have a look. Reposting the same details here would make the content repetitive for my readers, hence, urge you to see the video.

Here's quickly about the contents and my taken on them

1) Gulnare Handmade Skincare- Seaflo Face wash: Rs 350/- Never Heard of this brand before sugarbox. I generally do not like getting Face wash unless very exotic in my subscription boxes. However, this looks interesting as it promises to be 100% natural.

2) Votre Botanical Toning Mist: Ok so this one is not a full sized product which is 100ml. However this 50 ml nonetheless good sized bottle. It seems to be an unisexual product and the fact that it suggests that its is-

  • 100% vegan
  • Paraben Free
  • Cruelty Free; PETA Certified [Most Important
  • Dermatologically Tested and BUAV certified
This makes the product very interesting and a #mustTry. Kudos to Votre and MEB team for this inclusion

3) Roots & Above Lemon Essential oil [Full Size @Rs375]: This one came in almost an empty bottle. Looks like it got into the wrong side of heat while transportation and packaging. When I opened my box, I was greeted by a pleasant tropical lemon scent. Only to realize that it wasn't the potpourri-like thing from Rose Themed MSM box [Man it still smells so heavenly that I am using that beautiful box to store my face tissues]. The fragrance was the spilled leftover content from the bottle. The product promises a sea of things in description card. I will definitely use this in my bathing water and let you know how it feels. The product looks good thus far.

Another Good inclusion team MEB!

4) Island Kiss Lip Moisturizer [Full-sizeRs 499]: Another lip moisturizer in another box. Although, the product is colorful, looks good and has a great flirty-cheeky tint too [swatch in my video]. It is another good tropical inclusion and the ingredient lists sound quite exotic. I am gonna use it. This is the kind of product I was expecting in the previous MEB box [April 2016] curated by Bipasha Basu though.

Others: The Box also has an exclusive "try before you buy offer" from Kiehl's. More details on my video. I am no kicked about it as Kiehl's already does a complimentary consultation for the visitors and provide samples too. Good thing is that the card is not dated, so you can use anytime you visit the store, provided you are carrying it along and your city has Kiehl's store :)

What I liked about this Box
  1. The beautiful theme and the beautiful execution of the theme. [I am such a tropical lover]
  2. Almost 3-4 full sized products without having either of a drugstore or almost in all beauty subscription box brand.
  3. Value for money: Almost 4 full sized @ Rs 850
  4. Prompt delivery on time unlike Fabbag that delivers at the distal end of the month or next month irrespective of how early you placed an order unless you subscribe for 6 months.
  5. Prompt Customer Response: I wrote to the team MEB about the spilled oil in my box and they immediately promised to replace it soon. I know they will as their previous PRO, the lovely Justine has done this in past
  6. A good respite from pink and red mundane boxes/bags if you want to keep the box.
What could have been better
This is absolutely from a marketer point of view. The delivery time could be better, preferably first week of the month since the products are uniform and not curated as per individual buyer. However, that is a logistic call, including packaging wherein one product, comes slightly damaged in almost every box. However, instead of the brand, I would credit that anomaly to logistics services in India incl Big Brands like Blue Dart of in spite of charging a bomb, delivers products in tarnished order.

A little more tropical flavors could be included like Pineapple, Mango, Citrusy fruits

Haute Kutir Verdict

Tropical forests are known for their vegan, organic and natural ways. Coming up with a theme like Tropical Beauty and carving products that are organic and natural is impressive. coming up with a new design every month is not just creative but also highlight's a brand's sincerity to delight their subscribers. At the end of the day, what the box offers is all that matter.

The Envy Box - Tropical Beauty Edition" offers a good melange of products and value especially for the subscribers who have subscribed for 3 months and above. This was a self-paid box and all my reviews are unbiased as always.

I rate this edition as 4.5/5 and a #MustBuy for the month!

Keep it natural and Simple

Haute Kutir


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Summer Fresh Looks with Maybelline #Summer Essential kit

The not so good-looking Summers

It is summer time and there is so much of heat, sweat, and grime. How to look pretty without doing much makeup?

Well, that is the question that troubles every girl’s, every woman’s life who wants to look good, neat and presentable without much fuss. The flooding range of products in the market do not help much either. While some look for minimal made up, there are some who look for travel-friendly, economical stuff that has some brand value.

Maybelline is one such brand and it has come with a new summer essential kit for you.

Maybelline Summer Essential Kit

The Maybelline Summer Essential Kit has three products viz-

  1. SummerFresh Compact: The White Superfresh compact with pure perlite claims to give you 12 hours whitening compact [I used it to even tone as I do not believe in face whitening or fairness products much]. It has UV filters [important] and retails at Rs 150 for 8G pack
  2. Colossal Kajal- Black: It claims to be a 12-hour smudge proof kajal with deepest black pigments. It is ophthalmologically tested and cited to be suitable for contact lens wearers. It retails at Rs 200 for 0.35gms
  3. Baby Lips Lip Balm- Berry rush: This Lip Balm has SPF 20 and is mildly tinted. It provides moisture to your lips and is translucent in color. Rs 190 for 4gm chapstick like tube. 
You can see the swatch and color details on my YouTube Video- 

These 3 products come in a golden pouch and make for a good gifting option as well.

#SummerFresh Look with Maybelline

Using the above products, i have created a simple and quick #SummerFresh look. You can check it at my YouTube Channel

What worked for me
I am not a huge fan of lip balms but surprisingly my favourite product from the bag is The Berry rush Baby Lips Lip Balm. This followed by Colossal Kajal that has right shade, blend, and coverage of black. It makes a good option as an eyeliner as well.

What did not work for me
This time, I took a different shade of compact i.e. pearl. The shade is akin to my skin tone and has better coverage than Shell. However, it made my skin dry and flaky at times. Maybe I need to apply a little more moisturizer next time. I think it will be suitable for people with Oily skin.

Ingredients detail not available on products- It is a must even though you may not check all the details. 

Haute Kutir Verdict: The kit overall, is a good buy. It has cleverly packed all the bare minimum products that you need for your everyday base look. Given the economical pricing, the product has good pick up value and selling proposition. It is a Value for money product and a great combo to kit up in your vanity box.

Haute Kutir Rating: 4/5 [Given the category and purpose it targets]

Get Featured in Haute Kutir Blog

So this was about the summer fresh essential kit and look. You can share your summer fresh tips or style with us and get an opportunity to be featured in our blog/video. Do write to us at

PS: Product is sponsored but review is personal and unbiased

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A Wayfarer's Tips for a Perfect Vacation

I love traveling and exploring new places. My quest for exploring the unexplored has taken me to some hidden glories or not so well known places in the cities/ towns that I visited. An acquired knowledge that I love sharing with friends, family and readers.

Planning a Perfect Vacation?
It is summer time, time for holidays and I am sure a lot of you are still engaged in making plans for a vacation. Just planning to go for a vacation is not good enough, you need to plan well so as to make most of the time, money that you invest. To me, a vacation that is well-planned, stress-free and rejuvenating, is a "Perfect Vacation"

The whole point of taking a vacation is to relax and have some stress free time. So why not make it folly-proof?

How to Plan a Perfect Vacation
Your Vacation begins from the day you start thinking about to the day you start traveling but its memories last life long. Here're my two pence on how to plan a perfect Vacation

1) Plan a Vacation that suits your budget
Often people get misled by planning an exotic vacation that exceeds beyond their budget. Expensive vacations can tire your purse down and mar your overall experience. Always plan a vacation that not just suits your purse string but also has some provision for additional expenses, if any. For example- you need to allocate sufficient funds for booking mode of travel, intra-city/ International, and Inter-city, accommodation and also for other expenses like food and shopping. An overspend on flight tickets can restrict your pocket.

2) Book your Journey & tickets in Advance
Once you have shortlisted a place to travel, you need to finalize your mode of travel and book the tickets. These days, people prefer to go via a flight as it helps cutting travel time, giving more time to enjoy vacations. So if enterprising by flight is in your mind, check out the available flights and Flight Schedule beforehand to avoid paying surcharge fare towards the nearing date of journey.

You need to also check the competitive prices that different Airlines offer so as to book the most convenient flight for self/ family.

3) Travel Light & Smart
Pack your bags smartly and pack fewer items only. You need to pack according to the place you are visiting. If you are going to beach destination, take appropriate beachwear including your swimming gears. If you are traveling to a colder region, you need to check the weather and carry suitable warm clothes. I prefer taking my capsule wardrobe to my trips. Always leave a 10% or more, empty space to accommodate your tour shopping and gifts.

4) Research in Advance
No matter what your travel agent says, you need to do some basic research about the place you are visiting. When I say research, I mean checking everything, as much as you can check and make a list including the details of currency exchange, local transportation, places to eat, places to shop, Laws of the land. Better the research, better the trip.

5) Plan a Flexible Itinerary

When we travelled to Dubai, we skipped the travel agent route and planned our own itinerary basis the Internet research and some info from friends who visited it earlier. This gave us a lot of "we time" and enough flexibility. The guided tours are often rigid and make you run from one place to other as if it is a tick in a box activity. While you plan some days for certain activities, it is always advisable to keep some time off so you can avoid the rush and enjoy the trip without being in duress.

So those were my simple and basic tips for a Perfect Vacation. I have benefitted from it and hope you too will use it to your travel advantage.

Picture Source 1 2 3 4

#YummyMummy Fashion Show by Bio Oil to celebrate Motherhood

Mum is the word

Becoming a mother is one of most joyful thing in the world. It is a miracle of the sort that you have another life breathing in your womb. A life that makes its presence felt right from the day you conceive it, to the day you finally give birth to it. Pregnancy is one of the most joyful periods of a woman's life that she cherishes forever.

And that cute pregnancy bump is ah! so adorable.

I have seen women who feel shy about their baby bumps and often hide it behind the garbs of their clothing. While some are embarrassed with the way it looked, some hide it for the sake of auspiciousness.

Last Saturday, I met some beautiful women who were pregnant and were not shy of flaunting their cute baby bumps. The only problem was to judge, who has the cutest bump.

#YummyMummy Fashion Show, with Bio Oil

What: Fashion show
Where: St Regis, Mumbai
By: Bio Oil

What's new about it: Well, 11+2 mothers to be walked the ramp flaunting their baby bumps, and that my dear makes all the difference.

Here's more from the event, through my social media updates

Twitter @numerounity


The beautifully designed podium saw some gorgeous mothers to be, who were selected from a nationwide contest to participate in the show.

Pulsating with life and that divine glow, these mothers to be graced the stage with elan, confidence and a raring to create one of the most wonderful memories for their life and their child.

 The radiating Yummy Mummy to be on the Ramp

The beautiful Mothers to be post the award session

They were joined by two other popular faces, and mummy to be models- Carol Gracias and Shveta Salve. They graced the walk and were joined by an effervescent Dr. Rashmi Shetty [India's leading Dermatologist] and Dr. Kiran Coelho [ A renowned Gynaecologist] who shared some very insightful information on pregnancy, their experiences and important tips for the pre-natal and post-natal care, including dealing with stretch marks.

Dr Kiran Coelho, Dr. Rashmi Shetty, Carol Gracias, Shveta Salve and the lovely host Fressia in conversation at #YummyMummy #BioOil Walk

Pregnancy, Stretch Mark and Bio Oil
One of the major concern that every pregnant woman has is, stretch marks, and whether, the stretch marks are ever going to go or not. Dr. Shetty advised applying a moisturizer or an oil regularly during pregnancy to minimize the stretch marks. She suggested using Bio Oil, which contains Vitamin E, Calendula, Lavender and Rosemary.

About Bio oil
BioOil is a specialist skincare oil that helps improve the appearance of scars, stretch marks, and uneven skin tone. It is also effective for aging and dehydrated skin. BioOil has won 284 skincare awards and has become the No.1 selling scar and stretch mark product in 20 countries since its global launch in 2002. [Source Brand]

So women, shed your inhibitions with motherhood, come out of your shell and tell the world, how beautiful you feel and dazzle the world. 

Wishing all the Mothers to be a happy, healthy and stretch Free Delivery.

Haute Kutir

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Food Venture into Sweet & Spicy Flavors of life

The Flavorful Indian Food

The beauty of Indian food is that it is multi-faceted and taste differently in every bite.  Yes, Indian food is an amalgamation of conflicting tastes like hot and sour, sweet and spicy, and even contrast with warm and cold flavours in one single bite.

Talking about the contrasting flavours, one of my favourite such contrasting flavour is “sweet and spicy”. Yes, that flavours not just represents a one of its kind cooking concept but also sums up our journey called life. Remember our jest for all things sweet yet spicy which starts from the humble tamarind that we used to eat post school hours, much against the chagrin of our parents. Humble Tamarind yes, cause Tamarind has this unique ability to retain its deepest flavours for ages and amicably transferring it to the food it gets infused with without losing the original flavour.  Ummm, the mention fills me with thoughts of the amazing flavour and childhood memories.

Another fruit that reminds me of this tangy, sweet and spicy flavours is- Mango.

My love for mango is widely known. Probably Mango is the only reason that I love the summer season. Well, since summer is onset, how about me sharing one of my favourite quick sweet &Spicy recipes? Game?

Aam Ki Launji [ Mango Indian Marmalade]

This is one of the simplest recipes that is quick to make and goes well with all the meals. To make this, all you need is-

2 Raw Mangoes [washed, deseeded and diced]
Roasted Spice mix including- Fennel [saunf], Kalonji [Black Cummin Seed], Fenugreek [methi]
Red Chilly Powder,  Salt and Sugar
Instructions: Wash the mangoes well, peel them and dice into wide cubes. Take a bowl, add the mangoes and Turmeric, a little salt, sugar and marinade for 1 hour. The sugar will eventually melt into the syrup.

Now take a wok and heat it on medium flame. Add the marinade mangoes and stir. Now add the coarsely grounded roasted spices to it. Once the mango starts mellowing, add a pinch of asafoetida and red chilli powder [as per the spice level you prefer]. Allow it to cook till the mangoes are cooked.

Haute Kutir Tip: Do not overcook till syrup dries else it will lose the taste. To check the consistency, spoon out a mango cube, press gently with your fingers to ascertain. The mango needs to be mildly mellowed.

Take it off the wok and allow it to cool. Serve with Rice, Paratha or Plain Pancakes.

Umm, I love this version of Mango Marmalade that I picked from my mum’s kitchen. She smiled mischievously and said- Not fair that you have taken a recipe from me without giving me another. I love this naughty avatar of my Mom and redirected her to this beautiful adventure by Axis Bank. Called- #Foodventures. 

Initially, she dismissed checking it out, thinking it as just another website but when we switched on to the web, she saw her favourite chef Vikas Khanna and got hooked on. Well, you too can try this out. Interestingly, Foodventures are inviting food fanatics to get featured in a video with the celebs. How? Check them out to know more.

In the meantime, let me soak into the sweet and spicy flavour of my Mango Marmalade. Ummm

Internet, Music and Vodafone #FunWithU Launch Party at Hard Rock Cafe, Mumbai

Hey hey you woman
you smile and pout a pose
hey hey you woman
you gotta rock and roll

hey hey you woman,
you lead the pack and dance
hey hey you woman
groove your music to the trance!!!

We know that you love to have fun, you love to have fun at your fingertips. You love fun connecting and connect with things that you love.

What does U the, Youth connect with most? 

and more. 

It is Fun at the Core
Yes, Youth connects with Fun. 
and one on one.

Fun 24X7
Fun on the Move
Fun at fingertips
Fun on the groove

Fun, is the key aspects that drive the Youth Today. That is why one of the most preferred Youth Brand- Vodafone launched a brand new proposition called "U" for the Youth. 

Fun Always On with Vodafone
Telecom major, Vodafone in an attempt to bring first of its kind lifestyle proposition to connect with the ever-growing base of the youth, the affluent youth, the ever demanding youth has come up with Vodafone U that not just connects but enables and entertains with a wide array mobile internet offering and benefits.

Vodafone U is a bundle of well thought upon Internet benefits for the New and existing users. You can find more details about it on their corporate website here.

Let me tell you about the #Fun event we had yesterday with 3 of your favorite social media celebs at Hard Rock Cafe, Mumbai!

#FunWithU at HardRock Cafe
Friday evening, Vodafone invited us for the launch meet for Vodafone U and greeted us with music, fun and loads of Vodka on the house. The three Vodka flavors that they combined were- Funnybones Kannan Gill, Songster Raftaar and Youtuber TVF aka The Viral fever who collaborated together for a musical cocktail.

If you followed me on twitter and Instagram, you would have seen the updates, images, and live performance. Those who have not, here's small snippet from my Snapchat


[Follow me on Snapchat. I am as @ektakhetan]

I loved the song "Fresher party mein aayi tu pehenke saree, laal bindi teri lagdi pyari". It was catchy to the core, and Raftaar ensured that it plugs on to all mind like a viral fever. The fun just did not end there, the lovely team from Hard Rock Cafe Performed

If you want to watch the full video, catch it on YouTube

BTW, here's me #boomrang-ing on my High Speed Internet for my #instagram [@ektakhetan] viewers

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Data Snacking with Vodafone
Now there will be no barrier between you and fun. So play your music and do not worry even if you go out of the data limit, you can always avail data credit immediately. You can also avail data loan and keep surfing. 

Well, another reason for you to follow me on my social media channels like Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and Facebook.

So, Do the You, with Vodafone U
Haute Kutir

Oriflame Beauty SkinPro Facial Cleanser Device Review

It is summer time and your skin is under constant threat of sweat, dirt and grime. Washing it multiple times during the day is a good idea but you need something more than that. No, we do not offer any fancy or expensive ritual that may cost you, your precious time. We are here to suggest a brand new device that is- Easy to use and Easy to Maintain.With regular use, it can help you clean your skin at a press of a button. All you need is to give 1 minute of your time every day and we consider that you may not go for expensive facials just cause it is summer.

Oriflame Skin Pro Facial Cleanser

The box contains-
1) The Cleansing device
2) Table Stand
3) Two AA Batteries
4) Travel Pouch
5) One Brush Head [replacable]

How to Use SkinPro Cleansing Device

1) Insert the batteries into the device
2) Take your favorite cleanser and apply across your face
3) Switch it on and use it across your face, rotating in round circular motion as per the below-mentioned details-

Forehead and Chin: 20 seconds each
Both cheeks: 10 seconds each

Price: Rs 2999/-

Do remember-
1) To keep the device esp the brush at clean, dry place
2) Clean the brush Post Use
3) Change the Brush after 3 months as advised by brand

For detailed review and more, check out my video. Do subscribe to my YouTube Channel

Haute Kutir Rating: 4/5
Haute Kutir Verdict: The concept is simple and easy to use. The device at Rs 2999 is not as expensive as other devices offered in the market. We liked the form factor, size, ease of usage. However, we want to add this product is not substitute for any chronic issues like blackhead or skin discoloration. This ritual should be substantiated with good diet and hydration. The product could have been more versatile like it could have come with 2 or more head that can be used for blackhead removal or scrubbing. Additionally, this could make for a good gifting option.

I truly believe in adage- 
"Clean skin is healthy skin and healthy skin is a beautiful skin. "
However, I do not like using products with fancy names, description et all. For me, simple ritual works and this one fits the bill. I hope you will find the review useful. Do gives us thumbs up and follow us on our social media channels. If you have used it, do share your views. If you have not used it yet and have any query, do write to us at or at the comment box below.

Haute Kutir


How to Eat The New Fruit Blast Jams by Kissan

These days, I am on a fruit diet. My fruit diet includes- Strawberry, Berry and Oranges. Thanks to New Kissan Fruit Blast, I can carry my fruit anywhere and eat whenever and however I want.

If you love Jams and want to inculcate good taste in your daily food, here's a quick guide on eating sweet, tangy fruits every day-

1) Take a deep spoon
2) Bring home a jar of New Kissan Fruit Blast Jams
3) Sit at the calm cool place
4) Open the Jam bottle, dig your spoon deep inside and scoop out
5) Put the Jam scoop in your mouth and savor slowly, pleasurably, greedily!

Nirvana in a Jam bottle
It's sweet, it is tangy and totally, totally addictive. We are talking about the new range of fruit Jams by FMCG brand Kissan that promises to ring one of a kind experience.

The New Kissan "Blast" has a range of 3 exciting fruity flavors viz- Berry Blast, Strawberry Blast & Orange Blast. We got all the 3 variants to try and showcase to our readers.

About Kissan Blast: Kissan blast is a delightful range of jams, delivered by 80 years old rich heritage and the art of Jam -making. The Jams tastes quirky, smooth and differently delicious. Talking more about the flavors-

Strawberry Blast- Made from rich, succulent red strawberries, this one is my favorite. The hint of the crunchy seeds adds to the flavor burst in mouth. I love eating it with a freshly toasted bread or straight from the jar, with a spoon.

Berry Blast: This one is a rare combination of juicy black grapes and ripe, succulent strawberries. The burst of blueberry flavour is a quirky taste that you will love so much, you will surely have quite a blast. Best enjoyed with muffins and pancakes. 

Orange Blast: A little sweet and a little tangy, Kissan Orange Blast is a delight for your palate. Coupled with peels of the real orange fruit, this jam is an irresistible burst of the real fruit flavour. Tastes heavenly with bread, chapati or parathas. Try with sour cream crackers.

Haute Kutir Verdict: The Jams are truly "Fruit ka khatta meetha blast" that you will enjoy with family at large. The Jams comes in slender, seal tight, glass jar packaging of 320 gm. While Berry Blasta nd orange blast are priced at MRP of Rs 99 each, Strawberry Blast comes at the prize of Rs 110 and is totally worth the amount.

Rating 4/5

Event: Fashion Lingerie Brand Triumph Unveils New Logo with Miss India Finalists

Beautiful Inside, Graceful outside

What do you think is a woman's best friend? Well, much before diamond fascinated the eves, there was this piece of clothing that gave the women confidence, grace, beauty and support that she needed to look beautiful everyday. The piece of clothing is women' ligerie.

Lingerie brand Triumph needs no Introduction. However, I will take a moment of your time to showcase their new Logo that was unveiled recently at Grandmama's cafe, Mumbai. 

Feminity and Empathy with Triumph

Triumph, the confidence partner for Femina Miss India, unveiled its brand new logo in the svelte presence of beautiful Miss India Contestants. The new logo aims to emphasize feminity and empathy, and it looks like-

Whoa! Isn't that festive and enervating? Like feminity should be!

As an iconic global lingerie brand, Triumph as a brand has evolved with exceptional craftsmanship in women's lingerie making since 1886. Their latest innovational launch was the new "magic wired" and laced brassieres that combined comfort with technology to bring forth a new concept in design called Magic wired. We have been part of the ambitious launch too and have shared some exclusive preview via our social media channels.

Coming back to the new logo unveil, the event was organized at the beautiful. Victorian looking "GrandMama's Cafe" in Lower Parel. Apart from the Miss India finalists, Mrs Jennifer Kapasi, Head of Operations and Mr. Shalindra Fernando, GM, Triumph International, India & SL, were present at the event.

Jennifer Kapasi and Shalindra Fernando, posing with the new logo 

Here's what Jenifer has to say about Triumph

"“Sensual without being overtly sexy, feminine, informal and warm with inner drive and strength, our realigned look is rooted in craft, and multifaceted to reflect our extensive range of products for various occasions. Emphasizing femininity and empathy, our new logo is influenced by vernacular German handwriting of the 18th century and our logos from the mid-20th century. The flowing and looped bespoke lettering balances warmth, femininity, fluidity and strength. We believe that our latest promotional photography truly catches each element of our brand personality as we speak woman to woman, capturing realistic aspirations and moments in her life.”
Haute Kutir Views: A logo is the face of a brand that not just gives it a unique identity but helps distinguishing it from other brands. Any branding exercise is not just expensive but requires rigourous frame works so as to communicate the change while retaining a brand's core value. We loved the fact that Triumph had not replaced it logo completely but altered it to give a deeper German touch. We liked the way "T" is slanted like an inverted ribbon [giving little mor efeminine touch] in the word Triumph. Yes, the color Red continues, retaining passion and magnetism spelled behind the luxury lingerie wear.

Lookbook: Here's what I wore to the event #OOTD

Here's wishing more beauty and awesomeness to Triumph and good luck to their new brand. We loved their designs and are going to do a small haul soon. Stay tuned.

Keep Lingering,
Haute Kutir


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