Probiotics: What, How and Why?

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Trishala, a 17-year-old teen, has been trying to lose her weight. She was an otherwise a healthy kid but of late is struggling with that bulge around her belly that she developed. She is hyper-obsessive about her health and in order to deal with this issue, had completely stopped eating outside her hostel.

However, that is not helping her and she is growingly feeling nauseated, tired and bloated all the time.

Careworn as she became, she consulted many dieticians who detected the root cause of her problem as indigestion and suggested her to try Probiotics among other prescriptions.

Probiotics? asked Trishala, looking very confused. She vaguely remembered having to try a small bottle once and not liking the taste. She wondered if it is the hostel food alone and if Probiotics are the things for her.

She had many questions in her mind, viz-

Are Probiotics Good for us? How Can They Help us in day to day life? Are there any Side Effects from consuming pro-biotics? How do You consume probiotics and in what quantity?

Well, there are numerous curiosities surrounding the usage and benefits of Pro-biotics. Let us start with understanding what probiotics are, foremost.

What Are Probiotics?

Pro [Promoting]+ Biotics [Life Sciences] = Probiotics

Probiotics are live bacteria and yeasts that are good for you, especially your digestive system. They are the live microorganisms when consumed, works towards restoring your gut flora. 

The word "Bacteria" almost freaked her out. But you need not to worry. As our body is already full of bacteria, some good and some not so good for us. Probiotics are known to be the good/helpful bacteria that help in keeping our gut healthy. And if your gut is healthy, your resistance increases and strengthens your overall body. 

How Probiotics help?

1) It aids in digestion
2) Lowers inflammation
3) Improves overall gut health
4) Promotes bone health
5) Prevents Diarrhea, irritable bowel syndrome
6) Protects against vaginal infections or UTI
7) Good for Oral health
8) Prevents skin conditions like Eczema 
9) Helpful in Mitigating Allergies and Cold

Well, these are the few of the many benefits that Probiotics offer. 

Trishala was pleased with the above benefits and her next question was where to buy it from and how to consume it? Her one adventure with a probiotic misfired and she worried about consuming pills as supplements.

How to Consume Probiotics?

You can consume probiotics in different ways than generally perceived. For this, I took her along with me to the DuPont bloggers meet where some of the industry leaders in Probiotics and a nutritionist came forth to explain about probiotics and answer the queries associated with it.

Probiotics and Antibiotics

Do you know probiotics help in reducing the side effects of antibiotics? Well, it helps to restore the lost flora due to the dosage of antibiotics. Another reason for you to consume Probiotics

The HOWARU Way of Probiotics

Popular belief is that you can consume Probiotic in the curd or the clinical supplements only. However, that is not completely right or fortifying.

The good news is that you can consume probiotics in different form esp as part of one of your favorite food like breakfast cereals, well-cultured yogurt, chocolate bars, and even ice-creams. 

Thanks to DuPont and its premium range of probiotic strains- HOWARU for bridging health with taste and accessibility. 

DuPont Nutrition & Health is a B2B unit that offers value to the pharmaceuticals, beverage, dietary supplement, and food industries. HOWARU is a range of premium probiotics, by Dupont that is scientifically proven to improve digestive health and immune system.

These probiotics can provide health benefits to beverages, frozen desserts, dairy products, and confectionary.

HOWARU is a clinically-documented probiotic strain that is easy to add into your daily diet. This probiotic will ensure the good bacteria thrives in your body, to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle.

When they mentioned ice-cream, Trishala's eyes twinkled in excitement. She could not wait to step out to her nearest supermarket and pick some mouth-watering probiotics. 

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and try some today. Do not forget to consult your nutritionist or doctor as well.

Probiotics 101: Guide to Select

While buying probiotics, read the label carefully for the following information.

1) Count: Look for 1 billion CFU or more of per serving for an efficacious dose 
2) Strain
3) Stability: Guaranteed count of CFU at the end of Shelf life
4) Source: The statement that connects strains to your health concerns
5) Packaging: Go for well-packed in airtight containers as exposure to air degrade them over time. 

Please note, this information is provided by the Danisco and Dupont team, and has no personal bearings. Consult your nutritionist for more.

For probiotic capsules, check with your doctor. Avoid taking OTC drugs as the type and dosage vary from person to person. Better Safe than sorry!

CFU= Colony Forming Units 

Haute Kutir Trivia: Probiotics help to protect kids, cares for senior’s guts and also help you with postpartum depression #staystrong #probioticsstrength. A study suggests that taking probiotics along with antibiotics helps in reducing side effects of antibiotics [Source: Danisco]

Haute Living, Healthy Living!

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