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Hair Ageing Is A Reality!

With changing weather and ever so stressful lifestyle, we must spare some time for our hair. After all, they are our crowning glory and needs some special attention. 

Like Skincare requires CTM, similarly, hair care requires a simple OCC regime.

What is OCC? 

OCC is Oiling Cleaning and conditioning. While there are 1000s of products available in the market, I would prefer something that has natural Botanics backed by Ayurveda, cruelty-free [clean beauty is #crueltyFree], and preferably from the same brand. 

If Weather change and stress issues were not enough, I live in a city where water quality is quite hard. As a result, I am facing terrible hair loss ever since I shifted here and my hair has become quite messy, not to forget this Inglourious frizz. Sigh! While there is little that I can do about the water and stress, I always try to oil my hair to provide them nourishment and moisture. whether u have dry or combination scalp, you still need a good oil at least before you wash your hair. 

Hi everybody, welcome to my blog. If you are new here, my name is Ekta. In this post, I am going to try and talk about a hair care regime using three products from Just Herbs. I have filmed it all in a video format. Do watch this video till the end and let me know how u like it. 

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Just herbs have this Javakusum Hair Oil which promises to have a potent mix of castor, coconut, and sesame oils. Javakusum means hibiscus flower, and this oil is also Infused with the legendary Hibiscus flower.

it’s a light formulation that you can dab on your scalp or massage before washing your hair. It has quite a unique fragrance to it and I love the form factor which includes this pierce in that makes using the oil easy and mess-free. [show images] 

To wash my hair I would be using this interesting looking lush methi Shikakai shampoo. It is a volumizing shampoo that conditions the dry scalp.

Just oiling and shampooing is not enough and our hair and scalp may need additional deep conditioning after all it is the scalp that holds our hair. Remember your scalp is also a skin, extension of your face. for the scalp, I shall be trying Just herbs' hair mask, a Shirolepam [in bold] made with amla, Bhringraj, and Sankhpushpi. This promises to moisturize the scalp and restores its PH balance. A healthy scalp is essential for healthy and strong hair. It is very simple to apply- Just take some on your fingers and work the way down to the lengths. u can use a wide-tooth comb to do so. however, if u have weak hairs, avoid using a comb while applying this lep. I liked the texture of this mask and it glides smoothly onto my hair. If you are looking for deep conditioning then do give this a try. It is way cheaper than a salon treatment where they use heavy chemicals onto your hair.

Unlike DIY masks this one is quicker, simpler, and faster to use.

I have tried a hair DIY [it was amazing] last week which gave good results however it was very time-consuming and messy. Let me know if you want me to make a video on the same.

However, unlike home protein DIY masks this one should be more convenient to use. And the cost is much lesser than a one-time hair spa at any salon. [suitable for all hair type]

So well these where the 3 different hair care products that I am trying from Just Herbs, hope you will like this video and find it useful. In case, if you have tried any of these products, do let me know your experience. And do not forget to participate in my giveaway [link in Video description].

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