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 One Brand Skin Care Haul

Holla My lovelies,
It's chill in the air and while we are loving the winter, our skin needs some extra TLC- Tender, Love, and Care.

I understand that following a full-length skincare regime might be tedious in the winters. Hence, I suggest emphasizing more on nourishing and moisturizing. 

When it comes to skincare, I prefer natural and cruelty-free.

I have recently done a one-brand Hall from a brand called Bella vita. Is it always mentioned that it's not just the design but the products are to use ours does matter as well? This time I try to pick different products from the same brand. I have never tried this brand and this is my first attempt experience with the same. There are a few products that I have picked from a wide range of products as available under this brand name. I believe this is an Indian brand that claims to have more natural ingredients that are paraben-free, sulfate-free, and free from cruelty and animals.

The Detailed Video

 in this video, I have done a quick call and swatches of the different products ranging from I cream to skin cream two miss seller water, Night Cream, Face pack, and a pack of perfumes for women.

Please do watch this video to have a better idea. 

I hope that you will like this video and find it useful.
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The Products 

Haute Kutir Review: Since I haven't used this product a lot yet, my views on the same are restricted. The product however looks interesting, The packaging looks great and the price range is also not very high. I need some more time to understand their efficiency better. I would try to update you on an ongoing basis. Hence, request you to follow me on Instagram a check out my stories on regular updates as such. Besides, I have shared my first impressions in the video which I hope would be useful. So do stay tuned with my blog, YouTube channel Instagram and other social media platforms for more for the update. I so much love your constant support and care. Please do share any feedback or questions that you may have. 

Update: Here's a quick update on 2 products viz the Micellar water and Night Cream. The micellar water is not very effective, it does not remove makeup effectively. And the night cream is very emollient but disrupts skin and causes minor rashes. So, I would not recommend these two products to you. 

Thank you.

Stay Haute! 

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