The Retro-Metro Man!

The Metro men is no longer the white shirt, black pants dressing any more. The metro men is evolving. His boundaries are getting widened. From the traditional home-office-family function-casual- business dining" routine, the metro men is celebrating various occasions in his life and dressing up is no longer just a women' arena.

Let's make him more dynamic, without experimenting too radically. They say na one step at a time. Here's we go, creating a pub, party semi casual look for the metro men, the urban-sexual to cool his heels off, dance, party and be winsome at same time

The Metro Men- Look

1) Shirt- I have chosen the usual favorite [a color that makes a lot of men look electrifying- blue. The shirt here is- US POLO ASSN Navy Blue Solid Casual Shirt

2) Jacket- to bring that added flare to usual blue jacket, I chose here- Arrow Grey Solid Blazer

4) Tie - have a fascination with men in tie...hee, not that wild. Tie is handy when the men u dating acts funny and the fabric acts as perfect tool to strangle his neck..oops back to fashion and pl do not have such ideas. The one in picture is Zeal Maroon/Macroon fibre tie. It should be tied loose and the knots should be left hung-casually.

5) Shoes - Woodland Khakhi Loafers. The rugged look, looks cool and with that maroon tie and blue jeans, it spells magic

8) Fragrance- what else but Hugo Boss bottled EDT

9) Wallet- Lets be little sporting here and give him- Woodland Brown Leather Wallet

10) Sun Glasses- Aha! This one is tricky, however I chose Ray Ban Pink Golden Aviator

SO that was a look idea for men' clothing, styling courtesy Hope you like it. For any suggestion/ comment, do drop in your message here.


  1. Nice post! Decent yet stylish combination! I like the tie and the wallet a lot!


    1. Thanks Sindhu..I was unsure when I designed this but your appreciation made me happy :)


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