The Retro-Metro Man!

The Metro men are no longer the white shirt, black pants dressing anymore. The metro men are evolving. His boundaries are getting widened. From the traditional home-office-family function-casual- business dining" routine, the metro men are celebrating various occasions in his life and dressing up is no longer just a women' arena.

Let's make him more dynamic, without experimenting too radically. They say no- one step at a time. Here's we go, creating a pub, party semi-casual look for the metro men, the urban-sexual to cool his heels off, dance, party and be winsome at same time

The Metro Men- Look

1) Shirt- I have chosen the usual favorite [a color that makes a lot of men look electrifying- blue. The shirt here is- US POLO ASSN Navy Blue Solid Casual Shirt

2) Jacket- to bring that added flair to the usual blue jacket, I chose here- Arrow Grey Solid Blazer. 

4) Tie - have a fascination with men in a tie...hee, not that wild. Tie is handy when the men you are dating acts funny and the fabric acts as a perfect tool to strangle his neck..oops back to fashion and pl do not have such ideas. The one in picture is Zeal Maroon/Macroon fibre tie. It should be tied loose and the knots should be left hung-casually.

5) Shoes - Woodland Khakhi Loafers. The rugged look, looks cool and with that maroon tie and blue jeans, it spells magic

7) Watch- Fossil FS4736Brown/Silver Chronograph

8) Fragrance- what else but Hugo Boss bottled EDT

9) Wallet- Lets be little sporting here and give him- Woodland Brown Leather Wallet

10) Sun Glasses- Aha! This one is tricky, however, I chose Ray Ban Pink Golden Aviator

11) Cufflinks from Orosilber Silver Enamel Cufflinks

SO that was a look idea for men' clothing, styling courtesy Jabong. Hope you like it. For any suggestion/ comment, do drop in your message here.


  1. Nice post! Decent yet stylish combination! I like the tie and the wallet a lot!


    1. Thanks Sindhu..I was unsure when I designed this but your appreciation made me happy :)


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