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Good afternoon folks and all my readers. I know I have been keeping away from this space and in spite of being an active beauty reviewer and watcher, I am struggling for time and time to bring upon my discoveries, experiences, reviews etc from my dresser to Instagram to the blog. Time is indeed luxury! Well that reminds me of another luxury and lifestyle brand under review. The details will follow later. 

Here's a small list of different products that are currently under review and would soon find their details on Here we go-

1) Lakme Absolute Gel Stylist
I am not a stickler for nail paints but off late, I often found myself drooling over different shades and painting my nails with. Once shade that I hjave been drooling since past month is- Lakme Absolute Gel Stylist in Blue.

2) Epique Advanced UV protection System
Well the Swiss luxury had already made their foray in Indian Market. And I love all things that claim to be biological. I have heard some rave reviews about it from a family member and could not wait to try it up. However, my allergy to SPF prevented me from immense experimentation, I could not wait more to try it out and share review. 

3) Schwarzkopf BC Hair Therapy Range.

I love their products in the Salon specialist category. I heard they are much better than what I tried with some L'Oreal Salon treatments products. Hence I am keeping this months reserved for Schwarzkopf BC products. I would like you to stay at this page for further updates. Disclaimer- exciting things up!

4) The Tamara Resorts Coorg
Umm if you follow me on Instagram, you would know what I am talking about. More to come :)

There are more products in the offing, lying happily in kitty and some being a part of my regular Beauty and make up regime. Lakme, Oriflame and Victoria's Secret to name few. 

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LIke I said- Exciting things up with

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