Micromax Canvas Tab P666 with Intel Inside™

We are on the last day of the year 2014 and it is time to embrace New Year and New Beginnings. 

While the year 2014 was quite a spectacular year in terms of innovation and technology, with telecom spectrum re-allocation, strengthening of existing telecom service providers and also the year when some of the old yet mighty telecom operators [in Mumbai] like Loop Telecom closed their shops and their existing subscribers who were not yet moved in to other service providers offering 3G Internet capability unlike Loop, too made their much awaited movement to the two topmost telecom operators of India- Airtel and Vodafone. 

Basis my experience, the game changer was the Data aka Internet services that made consumers spoil for choices and a greater bargain ensued in the marketer with lesser sold operators like DOCOMO making a beeline to poach the "Loop residual" consumers by luring them with attractive, read Free Data services. Indeed, it is the new generation in telecom and computing and Internet is indeed a game changer in this field. 

While India is slowly moving from 3G Internet to 4G Internet, subscriber penetration is still quite a big challenge that many a telecom operators face while selling their premium Data Services. In simpler words, lesser number of Internet supporting, smart devices in the market acts a major hindrance to a higher penetration percentage of mobile Internet users in India. Is it a purchasing power parity issue or issue related to lower availability of right handset or something else? 

If you ask me, it is primarily due to "lower smartphone/ device" penetration that is preventing the increase in number of mobile data penetration in India. Is Device availability really a challenge especially when e-commerce sites like Flipkart closes sales of a Chinese newly released handset within few seconds of launch? Well, I think the market is laden with multiple devices and often these device brands are competing against each other to win what I call "whatever readily available" device market share. To cut the story short, the consumer today is looking for not just smartphones/ smart devices but "high quality and lower priced" devices. Perchance the major reason how Samsung succeeded in Nokia Led market and now, Micromax is giving brand like Samsung a big run for its money with their attractive bouquet of feature laden, good looking handsets with competitive pricing and high reliability factor. 

Micromax is indeed one of the high selling brand in the open market and is on its way to soon replace the position/ grab the high market share of high selling brands like Samsung. 

Coming back to our original reference to New year, we need to realize that apart from the other fields, Mobile Internet has some huge plan up on it's sleeves with Reliance Gio gearing for their LTE Launch and Airtel spreading its 4G offering in Mumbai. Forget PK, Data is the new God, new God of the year 2015. While there is "One God" for the spiritual world, the telecom and computing world of 2015 will have 2 gods- Consumer and high Speed Data / Devices. New beginnings are all about discovering your passion. Device brands are not leaving stones unturned to capture this new phenomenon even better in coming year. So why would a giant like Micromax be lagged behind?

Micromax Canvas Tab P666
Micromax, in order to expand its product offerings[ strengthening market share] and living up with it's promise to bring "high end feature smart devices under competitive cost" has recently launched- Micromax Canvas Tab P666.

The device is targeted to high Internet users like the gaming Buffs, brand promises to provide mobile experience at lightening speed. The promise is supported by the rich feature including Intel processor. The feature includes-

  • Intel® Atom Processor (1.2GHz)
  • Intel® Hyper-Threading Technology for Smooth Multi-Tasking
  • Intel® Burst Performance Technology for Better Performance
  • 1GB RAM
  • 5 MP Rear Camera
  • 2MP Front Camera [ awe bad news for selfie takers though]
  • 1080p HD Video- recording and playback
  • 325 hours* stand by time
  • 6 hours* browsing time 
  • 7 hours* video playback time
  • 8GB ROM
  • Expandable up to 32 GB
Design: The tab is a chiseled 7.9mm sleek encased in  an exquisite glass finish with aluminium rim on sides.

Now coming to the main feature that we started our post talking about- The speed factor and connectivity. The tablet offers 3G connectivity with Bluetooth 4.0, Wi-Fi, Voice call support, GSB and Micro USB support.

Well if you are beginner than these speed and specs works for you. If you are still latched to your old world 2G handset where you use WAP or BREW as platform to browse Internet or wonder if the iPhone and Samsung of the world is too expensive a proposition and you aim for a better battery life, this device is for you. What are you waiting for? Start exploring the wide world of Mobile Internet with your new Micromax Canvas Tab P666. At RS 10,999 it is a low risk device to begin with.

What can I achieve with it's promised lightening speed?
I am a a gaming freak who loves social media and loves big screen. I love reading while travelling but damn small screen smartphones, they make reading slow and difficult. Imagine a whole big screen to play all those wonderful car chase games with? Whoa! And Music? Yup, with upto 32 GB expandable memory, I can store more, live more.So pictures, musics..no more constant deletions. Lets shot some videos with a wide tab screen.

Did I tell you the screen size? Well it is 20.32cm (8) WXGA IPS screen. Further specs may confuse you. So here's embedding a demo video of the same. Do go through it and given the fact that a lot of demo devices are available at MBOs Multi Branded Outlets for your to personally experience, you can live the adage- the proof of pudding is in eating.

This New Year, I am aiming to go 4G from 3G. I wish if this tablet was available 2-3 years back. Even earlier this year when I wasted my hard earned money purchasing a not so well performing tab from Lenovo. Husssh lets talk about Micromax here. To know more about the product checkout this link- Micromax Canvas Tab P666









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