Review of Roots & Herbs, Indian Ayurvedic Beauty Products

Looking for some Ayurveda based Skin/Haircare options?

Well, try Roots & Herbs products.

I have tried few samples from Roots & Herbs, viz-
1) Argan Oil Face Cleanser
2) Kashmiri Kesar Toner
3) Brightening Under eye Tailam
4) 49 Herbs Hair Food
5) Hair Lep
6) Black sesame Pain relief Oil.

Video Review

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Products at a glance

Let's quickly discuss the products and my overall experience here.

Starting with my favourite product from the stash is the Argan Oil Cleanser. It is an oil based cleanser that I use to clean my makeup including eye makeup. It is simple to use. All you need to do is, take a good quantity of it in your hands. with the help of your fingers spread it around your face, massage lightly in a circular wash and wash with a good cleanser after 5 minutes.

The Hair lep was an ok-ok product. it has the goodness for hibiscus. The size was quite small for me to try it fully on my shoulder length hair.

The Black sesame Pain relief Oil is good to give you a temporary relief. The packaging was however quite shoddy and kept spilling at all times.

The bottle when received had very few drops of the product left. Though it emanated a good aroma and can be a good option to try. If you are suffering from orthopedic dislocation or pains like arthritis, it may be good option but do not forget to get it checked via your physician before you try.

The 49 Herbs Hair Food is basically a hair oil that claims to be enriched with 49 types of herbs. It is a good option for the hairs. I have used it around 5-6 times. While it has not helped to prevent my hair fall but gives a good shine to hair post the wash.

The toner is decent and can be used post-shower to accelerate the refreshen up feeling. It helps in mildly polishing your face but is not suitable for people with dry skins as once wiped, it may leave your skin feeling slightly dried.

The fragrance is good and the bottle is travel-friendly


What I liked about them

1) The efficient cleanser
2) Use of Ayurvedic Ingredients
3) List of ingredients clearly listed
4) Usage Instructions/ skin type appropriately earmarked on different products
5) Make In India

What Could Have Been Better

1) Packaging: The packaging for the liquid products is not spill proof. The leakage is unavoidable.
2) The Cost
3) The sizes are good enough to test allergy but quite small to find out the difference.

What I did not like

1) The under eye tailam: It was quite irritable on the eyes even when I applied a low quantity. Also, I was not too convinced about using an oil under my eyes as it can add to the wrinkles. 

You can check their vast list of ingredients before giving it a try.

Overall Verdict: I liked the choice of ingredients and the variety of the products that Root & Herbs offered. My favourite from the stash is- Facial Cleanser that helps in removing makeup. I also liked the concept of the pain relief oil but given the low quantity, it was difficult to determine actual benefit though.

Do give these products a try soon and let me know your feedback.


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Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post The products sample were sent by Brand Directly for the experience. Opinion is Unbiased and personal.

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