#1000Speak Compassion- towards Cruelty Free World

When beauty is skin deep, why do we, for our beauty needs, try cosmetics and other products on poor animals for testing?

Simple! cause we lack compassion. 

Compassion is one forgotten word in the new century. Our needs to be the best, get the best has become so high that it has cropped upon our sense of justice and fairness.

If I tell you that the shampoo that you use was perhaps tested on the eyes of rabbit first before getting launch ready in the market, would you still go ahead and use that shampoo or that beauty product for that matter? Well I would never. After all, what beauty is that which is not free from cruelty? What is the meaning of such beauty when it is on cost of another living being, who neither did any harm to you, nor was required for your existence in this world?

Cruelty Free Cosmetics and Products
Rabbits, rats and many such voiceless, helpless creatures have to go through the cruel rituals to bring that "wonder working" but yet not mandatory for your existence cosmetics. Let us understand that we should not give to ecosystem what we cannot take from it. This world, this ecosystem are all God made resources and offers us no right to destroy them or cause them injury.

Noah and an Act of Random kindness
I am sure that you all would have read about the Noah and his ark wherein he took a pair each of every creature to ensure their existence in this world when crisis stroke. If you further extrapolate the word ARK, it would extend to- Act of random kindness. 

Today Noah has become immortal for his ARK. He is known for his kindness, support and caring for others with that act of his. And that is the beauty, when nobody talks about the physical beauty of a person but the deeds that they have done. The point is that it is our "acts" and our conducts that takes us ahead and hence they should all be made in right directions with noble intentions. And friend, cruelty towards other living being, toward animal, is not noble.

Let us take this opportunity to open our hearts and extend our compassion to the world. Let us lit this day with a thought, a noble thought. After all it is every one's world and let's make this world a better place.

Let us pledge to stay away from products and cosmetics that are "animal tested". Let us stand against Cruelty towards Animals. Let us, with each of unique us, strive to make this world, a cruelty free place.

I am against Animal tested products. How about you?
This part of #1000speak, voices on compassion. When around 1000 bloggers around the globe will talk about compassion, support, kindness, caring for others, caring for environment, non-judgement but pure compassion, etc blogs about the same on same day i.e. 20th February 2015.


  1. I so agree, we have no right to "improve" our physical appearance at the cost of animals. I have voiced my opinion against the same in many online petitions. India has in fact banned the import of cosmetics tested on animals. Other countries should follow that example.

    1. Dear Akshay,
      It is indeed wonderful to know that you are also aboard on the same cause. I appreciate all the good things you have done towards the cause and so much appreciate the fact that there are so many like minded people who believe in the same. Thank you again for sharing this. Would love to hear more from you. Best.

  2. you have touched a sensitive topic.. it is indeed cruel to benefit from the suffering of other beings...

  3. This is really something cruel.
    Imagine if we had to be tested.. How many would then come ahead to get tested on their favorite brand? This must stop.. Soon.. Thanks for touching on this topic.!!


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