Review of Egyptian Cotton Bedsheet by APlus Linen

"Have nothing in your home that you don't know to be useful or believe to be beautiful." William Morris

Small or big, our homes are a beautiful reflection of us. They are not just our residence where we live our deepest emotions or feel most comfortable but they are also an ensemble of our lifestyle.

So, when a house represents as many vivid aspects of us, why not further personalize it with elements that are beautiful and useful as well.

When we say Lifestyle, it need not be flashy or on your face grandeur. It can be minimalist, subtle and use good quality materials. They can be the furnishings, the accessories or even the linen that we use.

Yes, I did say Linen.

I love my Linen

After living years off my suitcase at different location across the country, different places across the cities, my vagabond life know no bound when it comes to living condition and my linen.

Ever since my school days, I have been very particular about my linens especially the bed linen. My parents have some excellent collections of bed linen sets, out of which I have hand picked few. Living in rented apartments, I have least control over the structure or furnishing of my house. But bed sheets are something that I have not grown up to compromise on.

Why Linen is an important aspect of my home?

For me, bed sheets are not just about design or what fits the size of my bed or easily available spread of cloth but also a great of comfort. We may not realize but we spend a considerable amount of time on our beds- sleeping, reading, sometimes watching TV or even playing board games with family. Out of which, sleeping is most prominent and non-negligible.

We sleep not just to take rest but it is an activity that helps repair the stress and damage that we have gone through the course of the day. It is a healing and rejuvenating exercise. A good linen not just provides softness or comfort to our bodies but also aides in overall well-being.
Bedsheet beyond d├ęcor

When it comes to home decor, the foremost rule of my design thumb is- Minimalist and comfortable. Rest all comes later.

While buying a bed sheet, there are few things that I look for. They are-

1)        Quality of Fabric [some of you equate it with thread count]
2)        The color: I have something for the pastel/ light colors. I do love rich and deep colors but prefer them in silk finish
3)        A neat and well-etched Design
4)        Right Priced

I know getting all the specifications matched into one final good is difficult. And even the current vast retail space, is more confusing than helping. Market is inundated with X nos of brand, each trying to push their ware. You cannot keep investing and experimenting all the time. It is time, energy and cost consuming.

My wild goose chase ended with A Plus Linen.

Discovering A Plus Linen

When it comes to bed sheets, I am gravitated towards solid and pastels one with high thread counts. Like a lot of you, I equated thread counts with quality. When I first spoke to Aditya from A Plus Linen, he changed my perception by telling me that how “High Thread Count is not a right way to ascertain the quality of the linen.

More important than the thread count, is the type of cotton and the type of yarn. Apluslinen uses long staple Egyptian cotton and single-ply yarn which has fewer knots thereby leading to softer, stronger and longer lasting bed sheet.

I have been on a lookout for a good pastel bed sheet from quite sometime and had my own share of woes in name of spending good fortune to get better sheets. The bed sheets that my parents bought earlier, were hard to found and no one spoke about selling a good quality without making me shell a good INR 10,000 plus for it.

I almost picked two bed sheet from a large retail outlet when I read about Aplus Linen. Tsch, I am glad that I did.

About A Plus Linen
Whoever attach luxury with high price, should check A Plus Linen. They use 100% long staple Egyptian Cotton with a single ply yarn to achieve a high strength and softer feel as compared to multiple ply yarn.
To know more, check their website
First Impression and Experience
First and foremost, I was glad to learn about their knowledge in this sphere. It is a feel good aspect when you know your brand knows about the sphere it works in rather than trying to just push a product.

Secondly, they had a fewer option in bed sheets to make the choice easy. They had the light Blue pantone and plain white bed sheet that I have been looking from quite sometime.

Being a Mumbai based company, I got the product delivery in no time in a neatly packed consignment via the Fedex.

The linen was mint fresh and has a perfect smooth finish that you may look for your high end lifestyle linen requirement.

Here are the few dimensions that you may be interested in-

Material: Egyptian Cotton
Size: Queen size 
         Price: Rs 3500
Scope of Review: A Plain Blue Colored [Pantone 277], Bed sheet with Pillows.

Out of Scope: Other Products including Bed sheets with Print.

Haute Kutir Verdict: I have been using the A plus Linen Egyptian cotton bed sheet for almost a week. It was delivered to me in mint fresh condition and when spread over the bed, it gave no discomfort or reason to wash before using it. The quality of cotton is really good and has a great finish to it.

If you follow me on Instagram and Snapchat, you would have seen the first impressions and the unboxing. A lot of you equated my choice of color with the linens available in hospitable. I find the light color soothing and can be attributed to the fact that hospitals use this color as it is (a) gender neutral and (b) has a healing/soothing property to it.

I liked the light color which does not bore any bleach patches or rough textures [thus far] and the beauty is when I pull aside the curtains off my guest bedroom, the bed sheet resonates so well with the open blue skies outside my French windows.

The overall feel is comfortable and luxurious. The plain colors help assuage the usual clutter of my room [I work at home] and gives a good illusion of space.

Do I recommend this brand: Yes, Indeed!
Will I buy more from A Plus Linen: Definitely!

So, overall it is quality buy. And if you are looking for a high-end bed sheets [akin to what they use in 5 star hotels] without burning your pocket, do give a try to A Plus Linen.

Haute Living, Beautiful Thinking!

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