How To Stay Safe From Indoor Pollution?

So, You Think You Are Safe Indoors? 

To begin with- There are two types of pollution- 

Indoor Pollution
Outdoor Pollution

Maybe, for few people, there is a third kind of pollution- Girl 'Next Door' pollution <Guffaws> 

Well, pollution is no joke, especially the Indoor pollution.

What is Indoor Pollution

Indoor Pollution is the type of physical, chemical and biological pollution kind inside indoor establishments like residences, Offices, Malls, Restaurant, Multiplexes and any place within the confines of 4 walls and a roof!

You must not take Indoor Pollution lightly as it is 5 times more harmful than the outdoor pollution. 

Yes, there is various research conducted on this subject and each came with their own variation from 5 times to 10 times increased the level of risk.

Types of Indoor Pollutants

There are different types of Indoor Pollution. For the brevity sake, I am listing few of them which are on high-rise yet could be taken care of-

1) VoC i.e. Volatile Chemical Organics like Perfumes, Air Fresheners etc
2) Cleansing Agents like spray cleaners, house cleaners etc
3) Dhoop Batti and Incense
4) Carpets
5) Exhaust & Fumes
6) Bad Odour
7) Formaldehyde present in new furniture
8) Pesticides
9) Molds
10) Dust, Dirt
11) Pet Dander

How Indoor Pollution can Affect you?
Indoor Pollution can cause the following-

1) Asthma
2) Insomnia
3) Cold & Flu
4) Allergies
5) Indigestion
6) Infertility

Indoor pollution can breed various kind of harmful bacteria and viruses like dust mites. It also gives rise to the high content of carbon monoxide and other harmful gases in the house, which can effect breathing process.

Haute Kutir Trivia: 90% of Cold and Flu is generated from indoor pollution

So what is the solution?

You can achieve a lot by doing small things like- ensuring daily air ventilation, using right method of cleaning household items with the lesser usage of chemicals. I have also given a list of chemicals like Paraben, Methyl, Phthalates, Triclosan, Benzene, Chlorine, Ammonia among others that you watch out on the products that you buy, and avoid them. These are the hazardous chemicals and their presence in your domestic products can lead to adverse consequences.

Well, I have addressed this concern and also presented few tips to control the Indoor Pollution in one of my videos. You can watch the full video here or below-

In this video, I have spoken about the importance of open ventilation, adoption of beneficial indoor plants like Aloe Vera, Rubber Plant, peace Lillies and others.

Do watch the full video and let me know your views. 

If you liked my video, then do let me know if you want to address any other such similar issues.

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Haute Kutir Verdict: Indoor Pollution is indeed alarming and needs to be tamed and abolished. The time has come to say yes to health and no to the indoor pollution! Remember, a stitch in time saves nine.

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