My Hindi Video for Glamego Box September

Holla my lovelies,

I am back with my new unboxing video. I know how do you eagerly wait for Glamego box and curious to see all the interesting products you get in as minimum as Rs 299/ month. 

The Theme for this month's Glamego box is- Eye Nailed with Care. If you read carefully, the quirky theme gives you a hint of different products you may receive in your box. I.e. an eye product, a Nail product, and some skin care product.

Want to know what those products are? Well, watch my Video to know more.  

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Product Snapshots

Want to have a closer look at the products that I received in my Glamego box for September? 

What I liked about this box

1) Super economical box
2) Good range of products
3) No lip balms, thankfully
4) A product [Bella vosta] exclusively made available for this box
5) Interesting mix of product

What Could Have Been Better

I received two shower products- a soap and a shower gel. It felt a little out of place as it was not a spa/shower theme.

My Favorite in the box

I really loved the Bella Voste nail gel and the Bio Bloom soap looks enticing.

Haute Kutir Verdict: I like the Glamego box. It is a simple super affordable and always comes with interesting brands and fresh Products. While there are various beauty subscription boxes as available in the market, Glamego stands unique from each. 

The delivery is quick and comes unscathed. It is better than Fabbag in terms of delivery, product quality, and value for money.

So if you are looking for a good Beauty subscription box, go for Glamego and give it a try. I recommend trying a 3-month subscription, to begin with.

Let me know how you liked my video and your views on this box.

Haute Kutir


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