Types of Home Furniture You Must Own

If you are a newlywed starting their new house or contemplating to buy new furniture or moved into an empty flat as a tenant and wondering which furniture you must buy for your maximum utility, the economy of space and overall lifestyle, then this blog will help you.

Living in Metros is indeed complicated and compact.  Gone is the luxury of living in our big bungalows and high roof homes. A lot of us are living our tenant life in matchbox houses of a city like Mumbai or already furnished apartment of other cities.

Even if you are not living in a small house but have a spacious place of your own, buying a right furniture always hovers your mind. After all, furniture is not just about convenience, comfort, and lifestyle. They are also about utility.

To solve your "which furniture to buy" woe, Haute Kutir has come up with some cool recommendations that will help you irrespective of your varying needs. If you like our post then do give us a holla or a mention on your social media handle. After all, appreciation and constructive feedback is the best motivation.

Types of Furniture You Must Buy

1) Rocking Chair: Traditional yet complete relaxant. 

Buy a wooden rocking chair with a good seat rest and keep it near a window area. You can sit by your window on this, watch the world nearby, read a good book and sip some hot beverages. A rocking chair for me is your best friend when you want to spend your time in solitude at home.

2) Small Stool/Side Tables: Very handy and high on Utility. 

They always come to rescue when you need a quick support to rest your feet while watching the tv or hold a cup of tea and snacks for your visitors. You can also place them near your sofa, add a lamp or vase and a photo frame to up the overall look of the place. If in doubt wrt space, go for the stacked ones.

3) Sofa cum bed: Flexible & Compact.  

As spaces get smaller, a sofa cum bed is a great furniture for your house. It makes space for your guests and family members alike without eating up a lot of space. You can place it in your living room or in the guest room. 

4) Chair with Rotating wheels: Style with Utility. 

You can use it for your study desk and can double up as movable furniture as and when required. It not just add jazz to your lifestyle but is quite comfortable to use too I wasn't a big fan of having an office like a chair at home until I had a leg injury and needed to move around the house with support. Using a crutch was painful and then this chair came handy. It is a good help while working on my home desk and doing a quick movement to grab things.

5) A cupboard with large space for hangers: Organized and ease of Handling

We all need cupboards or armoire to keep our clothes and other items. If you are a woman with different kinds of fabrics, read ironable fabric or the one who like to repeat wear the dress, then a wide cupboard with large hanger space comes very conveniently. You do not have to worry about the folds or wrinkle in your clothes and can hang them all together. 

6) Plant holder: Green Lifestyle

Plants esp indoor plants are a great stress buster and adds a unique advantage to the overall look and feel of your house. FIr space constraints, go for some simple yet elegant plant holder wherein you can stack the flower. plant pots at one place. If you are having an indoor plant, then a wide white plant holder will not just compliment the overall look but will also help is holding the residual water. For balcony or garden, go for colorful plant holders that can stack more than 4-5 plants.

Hope the above recommendations were helpful. Furniture at the end of the day is an extension of your home personality. While you are on it, choose it wisely.

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