Himalaya Oil Clear Face Wash for Oily Skin

Shine O' Girl,
Like a sparkle in the sky.
raise your feet,
lift your spirits high!

Why dirt or grime?
or oily lace?
Let there be only smile 
on Your Face!

Start Fresh, Stay Fresh

Every day is a new begining, a  fresh start. Greet your day with fresh start on your face. How? By saying Goodbye to all those negative energies on your face- Oil, Dirt and Grime.

All you need is- Fruity Freshness for an Oil Free skin with Himalaya

Stay Oil Clear With Himalaya

Himalaya Personal care have come up with a brand new range of Face wash for oily and combination skin. It is a gel based face wash and is specially formulated with the peppy freshness of fruits and the deep cleansing action of natural beads that helps remove excess oil, dirt and impurities. It promises to give you oil-free freshness throughout the day and makes your face soft, fresh and look healthy.

Pick Your Favorite Fruits Flavor

Currently, the face wash comes in 4 different variety viz-

1) Strawberry
2) Blueberry
3) Peach
4) Lemon

1) Strawberry: One of my favorite Flavor, it has a soothing, skin-conditioning properties that help enhance the skin and provides suppleness.

2) BlueBerry: Bluebeery as we know is enriched with anti-oxidants and nutrients that helps condition the skin.

3) Peach: Peach is fresh and bubbly than what it may look. As a fruit, Peach is known to enhance the appearance of the skin and make it feel supple.

4) Lemon: Full of astringent and skin conditioning properties. Lemon is known as a refreshing fruit that quench the thirst of the skin and make them feel fresh.

The Fresh start Face wash is also equipped with Indian Gooseberry, an ingredient with astringent properties. Indian Gooseberry helps reduce the excees oiliness on skin. You can pick your favorite flavor[s] and start using them.

It comes in a pack size of 50ml and 100ml priced at Rs 75 and Rs 140 respectively.

How To Fresh Start With Himalaya

Ideally you shoud wash your face atleast twice in aday. If your oil levels are high or if you are exposed to more grime, then you may consider washing your face more than twice.

All you have to do is wet your face and squeeze a 25 paise coin size or less product on your face and work around gently, forming a mild lather. Apply it all over your face and even bit of neck in the circular motion, rinse with tepid water and pat dry with a clean cloth/towel.

The Packaging

The range is packed in a trasparent tube, easily depicting the level of facewash left in the tube. The packaging is mildly tinted as per color of the flavor inside and have a very young and fresh vibes to it. They are indeed travel-friendly and easy to use and store.

Why Himalaya?

Ideally, a face wash should have replaced that soap bar to cleanse your face. And chemicals with natural ingredients. so when it comes for selecting a wholesome facewash that not just works well on your skin, looks good and is cost-effective, Himalaya is one of the most popular brand that stays tall in this category. 

Himalaya is well-known for its wide range of high quality products in beauty and wellness. They have a good range of leave-in skin care products including in-shower products as well. They are not just high on value proposition but easi;y available online and in retail stores as well.

What I Liked About This Range?

1) The fruity flavor wherein you get a mix of 4 different variety
2) Clear, transparent packaging
3) Chpice of all well-known citrusy fruit
4) Inclusion of Indian Gooseberries
5) Good product at Affordable pricing

What Could Have Been Better?
Nothing I can think of except that am waiting for a similar range for dry skin.

My Favorites
I am heavily crushing on the strawberry and Peach variant. They feel so good in shower that sometime I use them in lieu of my shower wash and still feel fresh. 

Haute Kutir Verdict: Hot summer and humid weather can have adverse effect on your skin. A good face wash kickstarts a healthy skin care regime and hence, you must choose yours wisely. Especially if you a skin concern like oiliness or dull skin, then it is imperative to select right product with least chemical intervention. You need a product that removes just the extra oil off your skin and not the oil that the skin may need. That is where this product come sin picture. It is a gentle wash and cleans quite effectively without leaving your skin feel dry.

I totally loved the zing of this product and have all four variants with me to mood-play. After all, when you have 4 fun ingredients, why settle for just 1?

Go ahead and pamper your skin with Himalaya Fresh Start Oil Clear Face Wash! It is worth it!

Stay Beautiful, Stay Oil free,
Haute Kutir


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