Breath Fresh with BreatheFresh Natural Charcoal Air Purifier


There is a silent killer in your house!

Crawling their way to your life- breath by breath, every second.

They have killed millions of people worldwide over the year and You may be the next.

Bad news, the silent killer is invisible.

Good news, you can catch. tame and nip at the bud.


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Indoor Pollution: The Killer Inside the house

A large amount of them are present in the air we breathe in and contaminate it. They are such tiny nanoparticles that you may not see them with naked eyes.

We breathe the contaminated air and all the pollutants via nose and mouth without knowing. They are part of the air after all.

since they are air-borne t is impossible to avoid it, unlike water. Simply, by acknowledging their presence and fighting them out.

The first step is to learn about them. I have talked about it in one of my videos.
The second step is to find out the probable solutions
Thirdly to fix them up!

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Vayu air-Purifiers

Vayu is a Sanskrit-Hindi word that means- Air.

The Key ingredient is Charcoal!

How It Works

The above is the brand illustration of how their Vayu- Air filter works. It has 3 layers of the filter to purify your air without any electrical intervention.

So filter the air you breathe in.

Stay Haute, Breathe well

Haute Kutir


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