A Day at Aquamagica, India' Finest Theme Water Park

It is summertime 
and I care a dime
Sun is maddening
Heat is swine
Too hot a weather
and I need a Respite.

Well if Gabriel were in Mumbai during the Indian Summers, I am sure he too would have sung the same. Well, the bad news is that he is not in Mumbai. However, good news is that we have something cooler here in Mumbai, err, close by to this "Maximum city".

So when I went to the CCDSummerSlam, few days back, the emcee asked me a tip from Lifestyle blogger's point of view to combating the Summer Heat. My answer was simple- I would love to soak  myself in a fancy looking tub with view to my Television. Oh yes, I am a water baby. And what could be a better way to combat the heat, then soaking yourself in water, all through the day?

Well, water and space in this maximum city are a scarcity. However, wishes were not as wild as horses. For Adlabs, the same co that runs one of the finest leisure park in India- Imagica, had recently unveiled/ launched their water theme park at Khopoli, Pune. Dream your denizens, it is time to soak the sun.

Aquamagica: It is a water theme park built in the Mykonos Theme from the land of Greece.  It has around 14 kinds of water slides and wave pools including an aqua loop, individual and family slides, natural light effect rides, rattlers and many other aquae based entertainment such as a beach front, waterfalls, cabanas. Aquamagica promises to be one of the most coolest water destinations of India and invites visitors to take a 72-feet plunge in water, daring drops at stimulating slides, laze around in the pool and much  more. Not just that, they have a mouth-watering food and beverage options at the park. 

So when Team Aquamagica invited me to come and splurge a day with them, filled with thrilling water rides, followed by relaxation in the cabana set up at this Mykonos themed water park, I heartily agreed. What followed was a beautiful day in the sun and uber cool Aquamagica.

My Experience at Aquamagica
The park management sent us the cabs for pickup and drop. No sooner, did we reached the venue, we were greeted  by the efficient teams who helped us board the bus that takes to park from the main gate and also helped us with "express passes" which was pre-loaded with INR 500 to manage our lunch inside. As soon as we reached the venue, we were treated to some amazing cold coffee and welcome drinks, followed by lunch. Express tickets as we all know is kind of "fast entry" tickets given to manage the time while jumping the queue at rides. It comes at a premium cost. I will entail that later in this post including other regulations and to-dos.

Post lunch, we changed into swimming gears and headed towards slides and rides to explore. 

This giant route map came handy and helped us to determine the rides we wanted to took. 
We had limited time, so we stopped calculating and adopted FIFO- First identified, First Onboard, purely on "what excited us most mode". 

We headed towards "twirl whirl". The ride managers escorted people in a group of four after checking all the mandates. Here's a dekko-

Manu gets cheerful, quite at the prospect of trying out what I call "Optical Illusion" water Ride.

Here's the water-ride instructor giving them due instructions and answering their queries before pushing the tubs, in for the adventure through the loop pipes. 

Here's a dekko.
Do check my Instagram page for the video update

Isn't that spectacular? Well, it indeed is quite thrilling. We thought of doing a re-run but then we thought of trying other rides too. [for the video of above, you can check my Instagram page. Link]

As if it was not enough, we headed ahead discovered another swirly-twirly ride. We checked with the instructor and took another plunge at this one, together. This was my first ride at Aquamagica and may be first ever water ride post my accident, I so much loved it. The best part was the way these rides were designed, ergonomic and safe.

We soon headed to the Cabbana area for more rides and water fun. Here're more glimpses from the day at the park-

These slides are damn fun. Only thing is that you have to climb high to enjoy one by one.

If you area there, do not miss this awesome rain dance. Do check for schedule and timing of the same along with the one of the artificial waves.

At the end of it, we moved to the lazy river, also known as "Floatsa", wherein two people can take a tube and swim lazily [float over the long pool water, amid the spurts and occasional spring showers. 

Here's the list of different rides for your perspective-

Haute Kutir Verdict: Overall, it was indeed a memorable day. We cherished the time spent there, solely based on these aspects-

1) Amazing and multiple water rides that cater to all
2) Best of World Service and support staff
3) Good hospitality, good food.
4) Highly economical
5) World class structure- 
6) Highly monitored and manned park- Attendants at every slide.
7) Courteous and helpful Staff
8) Clean ambiance; good infrastructure, clean water

Apart from the overall infrastructure and facilities, if there is one thing that is outstanding at Aquamagica is the quality of their staff. Irrespective of high heat, repeated queries and hundreds of visitors, the staff was most well behaved, courteous and watchful. I was so overwhelmed by their sweet nature gave the labor intensiveness of their jobs, I heartily thanked them before leaving and as a token of appreciation, I used all my loaded cash to buy a gift for the "nameless lady" from the changing room who helped me immensely. 

What I did not like- Nothing in particular except that the park is quite far from the city and may discourage frequent visits. Second thing, I think can be improved is- some provision could be made for people with disability so they could also enjoy the rides.  

Will I visit again? surely.

Do I recommend to others? 100%

Do go ahead and splurge yourself at aquamagica, urry they are offering some attractive discounts too.

To know more about the park, the charges, and rules, do visit their website.

Do take your swimwear and other swimming gears with you. Kindly note that only nylon swimsuits are allowed and if you want to enjoy the loopy-woopy ride, you need to be in a single piece swimsuit. In case, if you missed taking swimwear, you can purchase it directly from their store.

Food: You can purchase food from their 4 in-house restaurants. 

Timing: 11:00 am to 6:00pm IST

Well, that's not just all, there might be a cool #Giveaway coming your way. Follow @Numerounity on Twitter to unlock the same!

So what are you waiting for? Join the summer fun with Haute Kutir and beat the summer heat with Aquamagica!
Team Haute Kutir

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