Navratri Shopping, Makeup and Garba Raas in Ahmedabad

Aa Haalo Re Haaaalo!!!

Today's post is Navratri special where I will show you my dress, a quick makeup tutorial and some Garba fun that I had in Ahmedabad.

Sounds exciting? Well, I was quite excited while shopping and shooting for this video. So much that I forgot to add additional bindi while filming the makeup and rushed to see the Garba Raas. 

Nevertheless, I am so happy with my makeup other day and feel so content with the way it turned.

Shopping for the Chaniya Choli

Chania Choli is the traditional Navratri Attire from the Gujarat heartland. As a kid, I had one "Gujari" kind of lehenga [perhaps the only lehenga that I owned all my childhood] It was a very simple type of lehenga in black, red and yellow dots. My Maasi got for me, for my younger Maasi [mother's sister's] wedding. 

While I had a couple of lehengas in my stack, I decided to go all Gujarati this time. 

It all started with shopping for the right Chaniya Choli. I wanted something festive, traditional and yet not over the top. The problem was where to buy and how much is the good price. No no. That is not all. There were other problems like- which one to buy?

When I went to the market, I saw some really lovely pieces out there. And I was so lost that I had to seek my friend Pina's help. Pina is a graceful lady, she immediately agreed and together we went on the Chaniya exploration from shop to the shop. It was clear that I wanted something in black+red or white+black+red combination. However, all I could see were colors like Yellow [how many Yellows will I buy?], green, blue, pink and all.

Finally, we shortlisted 2-3 pieces and due to a shortage of time, we picked one and rushed home. Watch my video for more details.

Makeup Tutorial

Given the bright and contrasting colors in my dress, I wanted a sober yet illuminating look for the evening. Of course who plays Garba in the day time? 

So after returning, I washed my face with my new Daughter's Earth Face wash and then took a cube of ice and rubbed it all over my face. I have seen the rush at YMCA Garba night [check my Instagram stories] and realized that the makeup needs to be really strong and attire needs to be light [including accessories]. Not that I had time [my last minute preps as always] and neither I could find a suitable matha Patti during that time. The recent hair spa made me realize that trying to attach anything on my hair would be a futile attempt unless I tie my hair in a tight bun and use big pins to secure the hair and the jewelry. Naah. Not this time. 

I wanted my face to shine more than my bling, hence I tried experimented with two of my favorite makeup tricks in this look. And they worked too! Voila. What are those two tips? Well, you need to watch my video to know more. yeah.

I have demonstrated the entire makeup step by step, just in case if you want to try it. 

Here's the video-

The Garba Night

I am a big fan of Dandiya and ever since I heard the Kammaria and Choga Tara song, I have been gyrating on it, inside out and outside in. Arent those beats lovely? I even found the rotating dandiya sticks but the peddler asked quite an amount and I was in no mood to bargain. Nor was he. So he let me move ahead to the bangle seller. "Ah I should come once I select the outfit" was my logic to my stupid self, reinstating how an opportunity not redeemed immediately maybe result in an opportunity lost! 

But I got a pair of lovely earrings that I picked from two small girls trying to sell them in the basket. My friend and I, picked one each. They were of not great quality but if buying an earring worth Rs 50 could bring a smile on two washed-out faces, it is worth the effort. I will soon pair them with the green skirt that I bought from the same market. Want a look? Let me know :)

The Garba night was quite fun and action-filled. I did do a Sheri Garba with the building ladies and gyrated on some Bollywood nos too. Little shocked to find my otherwise invincible man also dancing to the madness with male counterparts. I couldn't play "Neele-neele Ambar pe" for him at that time but we indeed found and played "Saat Samundar Paar" on his close Friend's behest. 

Food? You must be wondering how a foodie like me survived that evening? Well, the building had snacks on the "pay and eat" system. And assuming that I may lose calories while doing the Garba, I popped in a few 1000 more via some sandwiches, pizza, and aerated drinks. You cannot keep me away from the food- makeup or no makeup.

Oops, wanna know what happened to my makeup when we returned home that night at around 3am, after Outdoor Garba, celebrating a neighbor's birthday and hogging 2 bottles of Coke Cola? Well, the answer is in my video. Go watch it out :)

Here's the YouTube link

PS: it took me 3 plus days to accumulate all the clips, edit and publish this video. So you should watch it and "save me YouTube". :)

In between, I saw Joker and 2 other films. So if the video bears any digression, let me know :)

Love you in Advance.

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