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Tea, Coffee and Me

A good beverage whether hot or cold can really set your mood can really make u feel fresh and u know make you feel more energetic. You need not have to go to any expensive cafes out there or drink any sugary concoctions.

I am a big teetotaler who loves her coffee. So, if coffee is in your mind, you will like this blog too. 

Rage Coffee

I have recently tried a new coffee brand- Rage Coffee.

Rage coffee is a brand new coffee brand in the Indian market, relatively new. They have sent me this box of 4 different coffees to try out. 

I like the idea of trying flavored coffee for a change, the reason why last summer I bought some coffee sprinklers [ a pre-mix flavor to add to your coffee] to try different flavors. However, I love the original flavor and thought of adding these as an option. 

Whether I liked this coffee or not? And what is my take for each of them? Well, you can find all of it in my video here

In this video, I tried all the flavors in front of the camera and gave my views. Do watch to know more. 

Things I liked about this Coffee range

1) The coffee is made from 100% arabica coffee beans
2) They have all-natural flavoring agents
3) The product is vegan and glutton free
4) Low on Calorie: 90 to 120 MG Caffeine per Serving/ Less than 5 calories per serving [without sugar] 

The flavors I tried and featured in the video
1) Dark Chocolate
2) Butterscotch Delight
3) Caramel Creme
4) Irish Hazelnut

The Ingredients and their Benefits

I hope that you will find the video and the article useful and helpful. 

Await your views/opinion/comments.

PS: All the information in this article as per the details mentioned by the brand 

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