Easy To Do Plant Propagation: Pedilanthus a popular landscaping plant.

Pedilanthus is one of the very easy grow plants. It can be grown with a cutting also. It is a foliage plant with great decor value. It is often used in landscaping and is quite a pocket-friendly option for the same. It is also known as Devil's backbone. 

I have propagated and grown this plant with a simple cutting. And I was really amazed by the results. I have made a video on the same. You can check my video to know more.

Please watch the detailed video here-

One word of caution: The plant releases a white sap when being cut or so. the sap may be toxic so wash your hands after coming in contact. 

Ingestion can cause vomiting and diarrhea. Eye contact with sap is likely to cause pain and redness. Also, this plant is not very pet and child friendly. It is TOXIC for dogs. So, keep them at the bay. 

Let me know if you have the same plant in your house or if you are planning to plant the same.


Haute Kutir


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