Playing Splendor on Boardgames Arena

 I was an avid gamer. I think I started early in the 80s- 90s when the world [Indian subcontinent] was just waking up to Nintendo, I finished almost all the levels in Super Mario Bros, a game that became quite popular in the 90s. By that time I tried different games on Nintendo, blowing away much money on expensive trunk calls to bring the new game cassettes from Raipur to my small town in Surguja. I remember how weary I got of the game by the time my peers started playing. Naah! I think I met the right people at right time and had quite an early mover advantage. And maybe gradually got weary too soon. 

Nevertheless, I also played board games during my growing years and they ranged from Ludo to some I do not even remember the names. However, it used to be much fun and skill-building.

So years after when I got a chance to a reunion with open of my childhood fav activities, I was initially hest=itant and felt the pressure however once on the terrain, it was much fun and surprisingly, I made few new friends to play with. 

Suddenly I was exposed to a world full of games. There were more than 200 varieties of board games with many enthusiasts. We had a cafe full of gamers but that changed when we moved cities. Initially, I was reluctant to play games online [of course Farmville was a different ball-game read addiction] all together and candy crush/ Matchington was less of online] 

Recently I have started playing on Boardgames arena, and my first choice of game was the easy-peasy splendor [my friends were playing and did the rules for me]. I was hooked initially but then realized I am too hooked. So, I totally discontinued then. 

Now I am back on track and as I feared, I am quite hooked.

Do you play board games too? If yes, Have you ever tried splendor? And if yes again, share your experiences with me. 

I am currently playing mostly these genes on an open table, rest with friends on invite-only. 

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