Comparing Eye Liner And Eye Powder Duo

 Eye Liner And Eye Powder Duo 

Whether you love applying make-up or you don't like a plan too much make up there is one makeup product, that almost all women like and use on a more regular basis, yes I'm talking about the ever-essential Black eyeliner and eye-brow powder or pencil.

These two products are quite popular make a product for school goers two college students working women housewives alike. These two products often go hand-in-hand and the kind of interchangeable. What I meant to say is a lot of time we tend to apply the eyebrow pencil on our eyelids as eyeliner or the eyeliner on the eyebrows in lieu of eyebrow-defining product. This happens because of a lot of time. This also happens because of hotch-potch. This may happen because a lot of time we are either in hurry or we don't have both the products handy. So we kind of interchange one with the other. 

Does it work interchangeably?
The answer is mostly NO as both the products have different pigmentation and depth. While eyeliner pencils are mostly thick in nature, eyebrow pencils are light. Sometimes you end up having heavy box eyebrows. Sometimes the pencil is not adequate for hot weather. Read more to know more.

Multi-Utility products v/s Palette products

I am a fan of multi-utility make-up products, especially palettes. So it’s quite idealistic to have two very popular make-a-product eyeliner and eyebrows together. As it’s convenient, Handy, and can avoid interchange usage which might not be a great idea. 

Unfortunately, very few brands have got this trick together and that is the reason why very rarely you will find an eye bro an eyeliner do you DUO? Thankfully I have found two brands, that are Smart enough to have this product available. These two brands are my favorites MyGlamm and Swiss beauty. And I’ve been using this product for quite some time. 

In fact, when I searched YouTube asking eyebrow pencil and eyeliner duo DUO there were very few results except for these two products which are already my favorites and I am using. However, there were no other videos on comparison or listing of eyebrows and eyeliner pencil DUO as such. At least on the top pages. And that further motivated me to make this video. As I am already using both the products and like both of them I thought why not share this with my YouTube family and all the viewers out there who cares to watch honest reviews from this humble small Blogger? 

Swiss Beauty Duo or Myglamm Duo? Which is better?

Do check out this detailed video talking and comparing both the products duo.

You can also watch this video on my YouTube Channel- Ekta Khetan

Haute Kutir Verdict

I have tried both the products thoroughly over time. I have been using this two products primarily for the last few months. They both are indeed good. However, both have one limitation. For example, the Swiss beauty eyeliner which is in a gel Kajal form can get quite tacky if you're wearing it in sunny are hot weather. It might merit and smudge around your eye area giving a messy look. Also carrying the brush additionally while you travel could be cumbersome. And that's where MyGlamm Duo comes in handy. It is a small tube that you can carry anywhere and use without the hassle of getting a separate brush. The liquid eyeliner has higher hot weather assistance than the gel one. The eyebrow powder could be a little tacky at times as it does not offer precision application like the brush applicator from the Swiss beauty duo does.

Cost-wise, the Swiss beauty duo it's far cheaper and more economical than the other one. The amount of product that you get in the Swiss beauty duo is higher than MyGlamm duo. 

MyGlamm duo is available in two different shades however the Swiss beauty duo is available only in one shade. 

In terms of hygiene, I think that the Swiss beauty Duo is better than the MyGlamm duo. 

So I have shared all the details experience and personal feedback for both the products listed here. You can make a pic depending on you are weather conditions, usage, and of course the budget. One good thing is that both the brands claim to be cruelty-free. Hence, giving them higher leverage and preference over their counterparts in the market. After all, when you are getting cruelty-free beauty why would you opt for otherwise? You should not. 

So once again a humble request to go cruelty-free for all your personal and professional requirements. After all, being human is not just about wearing T-shirts but also practicing cruelty-free ways, in all ways of life. Thank you for reading this blog. I really hope that you found my content helpful and relevant. In case you have any query questions or doubts, please feel free to ask them in the comment box below or on my social media handles. 

Stay Haute, Stay Beautiful

Haute Kutir 


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