Insight Foundation Ultra Thin Second Skin Review [with Video]

Insight Cosmetics Foundation

Hi, my blog readers,

We girls do love to make-up and are always on the lookout to find a good fit in a perfect budget. Of the late lot of Indian companies, especially the low-cost makeup Brands are making quite a buzz line in the market. There are quite some interesting yet affordable make a branch that are doing rounds in the beauty world. 

Once a brand is insight cosmetics. This brand has a lot of interesting looking make up products for quieter steel of price. Today's Post is it bout exploding one such product from this new and popular brand. 

Why foundation?

 The brand has a wide variety of makeup but we thought of trying the foundation as we all know the importance of good make a base and no matter what is your make up requirement, the foundation always comes in handy even if you're looking for no makeup look or natural finish makeup look this day. 

Hence the reason why a picked foundation from this makeup brand. Another reason what is the USP "of being an ultra-thin, Second skin, natural wear" foundation at a throwaway price. You know I love to keep my foundation light, hence I thought of trying this particular product from this brand.

 I have also bought a contour stick from this brand. In case you would like to have a review, do let me know. 

 Ultra Thin Second skin

 to give a fair chance, I have picked up two different shades Close to my skin tone from this brand. I have done a detailed trial Tuesday review and filmed it in a YouTube video format. Do check out this video for the details like pricing, shades I have picked, Application test, longevity, and more. 

You can also watch this video directly on my YouTube channel.

I hope you like this video and found this one useful. 

So I have tried this foundation for couple more times and here is my latest feedback depending on my experience thus far.

What I liked

1) form factor

2) pricing

3) Number of shares available

 What I did not like or think could have been better

1) pigmentation and coverage. While the shades are interesting, the pigmentation is not very desirable. It is not like that of a foundation but is more of a diluted BB cream. 

2) dropper efficiency that leads to a lot of product wastage.

 Haute Kutir Verdict

If you're looking for liquid BB cream for a daily kind of wearing, then this product is quite handy, and given the low cost, it is definitely worth giving a try. But if you're looking for a foundation per se then I must suggest that this is not for you. Given the low price, you can definitely try this product and if you like it, you can purchase it again. Would I buy it again? Probably or say mostly no. 

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