Review: Park Avenue Beer Shampoo

Disclaimer: No offense intended but People/reviewers who are shouting from roof top claiming having great product knowledge and stuffs like Park Avenue Beer Shampoo to be "new" launch should check their facts as this is not a new launch and was earlier available too. Read this blog to know more! 

Product : Park Avenue Beer Shampoo
Product Type: Toiletries, Shampoo
Company: Park Avenue, Raymonds
TG: Men

Park Avenue has re-launched one of it's man grooming product- Beer shampoo.

I bought this product from a local hyper market and here's my experience-

Product Packaging: Cool Corona looking packaging, almost taken as beer bottle. Unique and handy! Thumbs up!

Pricing: Rs 160/- for 200ml

Promotion: The TV ad "Cheers to Man hair" [created by Publicis South Asia, featuring Andrews B Smith] looks like a straight lift from any vintage ad but miss the chance here. However, it conveys the message of having a standalone shampoo for men in a different way (thankfully, no celebrity holding a bottle and saying- I use too use pl types). It may look fun beer advertising but lacks the seriousness of shampoo advertising. The ad is tacky yet manages to capture eyeballs and deem unique than a lot of garbage being sold on TV.

Haute Kutir Reality Check: Not many people are aware that this brand and shampoo was very much available in market in late 80's and early 90's as well. The packaging was different as it used to come in flat shape rectangular bottle. The smell too was different and I remember using it as a kid, secretly from my father's shower closet. This is not a new product Folks!

USP: Beer is one of the most popular beverage among men and known for it's conditioning and volume boosting impact on hairs, and that is where the product draws its Unique Selling Point from. Positioning it as men' hair care is another feather in cap.

My Verdict: A lot more was expected from this brand. Knowing that it is not a feminine brand but since I had a good experience of this product earlier, I tried it this time only to find myself disappointed. The fact that shampoo was not very pleasant to smell and reminded of slight artificial flavors could be omitted  but the fact that it failed to recreate it's magic on my hairs didn't gel with me.

The post Shampoo hair weren't as conditioned or shiny as expected. Rather it made the hair dry and flaky. It lathers up really well but for minimum shoulder length hairs, it demanded conditioner. The smell was little gross but bearable and wears post wash. 

This product may find many male takers in the market for sure given it's positioning and also the growing grooming need of Indian Men.

VFM Quotient: Is this product Value for money? For me, Alas, it didn't work much. Others- unless the shampoo really suits your hairs and give good results, spend only if you want to buy a jazzy looking/sounding product with no great benefits!

Haute Kutir Rating: 3/5


  1. Used this shampoo after seeing the packaging and it's horrible and smell like rotten eggs...grrrr!!!

  2. hey thanks for the vote. I just checked up your blog..will be exploring more. :)

  3. The ad went a miss as per the sources. Beer shampoo and the benefits of beer on hair were known to many since ages. Suddenly the hype, just because its from Park Avenue, made no sense to me atleast.

  4. This is third review of this shampoo where its not cheered as it was hyped in the market.
    I would anyway go for real beer to wash my hair.

  5. feeling kind of sissy but this shampoo is really good and as a hardcore beer fan, it smells yummy

  6. Thanks for the review... i was planning to try it... now i won't waste 200 bucks on this beer shampoo

  7. why mix the two beauties beer and shampoo when each is worth having separately. Beer for mouth and shampoo for hair

  8. The add is hilarious and has caught the attention of many men. How is product only time will tell I guess?

  9. Thanks everybody! My comment link is not working too well ...thanks u for ur kind time n responses :)


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