Bath Salt

Revive and Relax
they claim tall, but someone warns
there's drug by that name

water-soluble products
inorganic, some illegal
For external use only

Fragrant, colorful
these shower friendly bath beads 
are a delight in the bath

Exotic Flavors 
Rose, lemongrass, Orange and
sea mineral

Avoid the drug
Use only legal cosmetic
Enjoy herbal bath!

This information based Haiku is written in Haiku Heights prompt word- Salts.

About Bath Salts: Bath Salts are the water-soluble cosmetics designed for bath purposes. They are said to improve the cleaning and bathing experience of the user. It is being made with Glycerine, Baking Soda, and Epsom salt also known as Magnesium Sulphate Heptahydrate. You can make your own at home. Learn here. Bath salts are quietly becoming popular in India.Companies like Khadi, The Nature's Co and Soulflower etc offer it for sale.
Bath Salts are being debated for having a drug-induced capability and often sold as under disguise of beauty product or jewelry cleaning solutions. The actual cosmetic impact of it is still debatable and it is being advised that it should be used only after proper consultation and in limited proportions only that too in form of cosmetics. Whatever you do, avoid eating, swallowing or smoking it.

A word of caution from Haute Kutir
This post doesn't intend to promote bath salts or any of their variants whatsoever.

While Bath salts are known for their therapeutic and rejuvenating effects in the shower, they should be strictly for external use only. Any form of drug-induced internal consumption may harm your brain, body in more ways than you can imagine. Say No to Drugs and Say yes to Good and Healthy Living!


  1. absolutely gorgeous response to the 'salt' prompt, luvit; have a nice Thursday

    much love...

  2. hey a totally different take and a good one :)

  3. Beautiful and unique take!

  4. well
    all salty subjects covered


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