5-4-3-2-1 Dominos Pizza

Weekend time and time to write my first "write on weekends". Though I wasn't sure about writing on it for a fashion or lifestyle or beauty blog but such is a beauty of the prompt that it found a place and how...

I am covering this prompt under the "Food and lifestyle" category. Here's a small experience of buying Pizza online via Dominos Pizza.

Weekend hit us and we were in mood to eat pizza today after a tiring cooking ritual on Saturday. Pa said, order pizza if you want. Our first choice for home delivery was from Pizza hut. Sadly we were informed by the "snooty" Pizza hut folks that they do not deliver Pizza at Kandivali West that may be a little more than 2 KMs from their nearby Mindspace outlet. "You have to come for a takeaway" they said.

We had a bad experience ordering pizza fro Dominos last week (coming soon) where they sent an expensive pizza that looked like garbage and tasted like a guilt that why we ordered. So I was little skeptical. I searched online for offer but in vain. Time was running, so I went to their website and ordered pizza online. The portal said- find great discount while ordering online! I was sold and quickly I booked not one or two but 4 pizza and one recently launched Cal zone pocket (review coming shortly).

The beauty of online was that you can track the order stage i.e. whether it is confirmed, being prepared, baked or dispatch. The sad part was that I didn't see much discount. However, I was provided with order no using which I can call the nearest outlet (details given) to find more about my pizza and club additional order if possible. So, I rang them and mentioned about the great pizza fiasco that I suffered last week and requested for a decent pizza this time. They politely accepted and told me that since my order is more than 4 pizza, it may take more than the promised 30 minutes...before I could wonder why, they also suggested that since they do not have much order for the day, I may get it on time. Hmmm..I told them to take their sweet time but gimme good pizza this time.

They lived to their words and hey presto, my pizza came on time. Here's the 5-4-3-2-1 dominos effect here
Pictures below

So, what was my favorite? Hmm I loved the cheese capsicum, onion most whereas the rest of all were/t too enticing for me given the meager topping they use. I am a big fan of thin crust over baked pizza like they serve in Cheri and Olive qutub. Yeah, it was too much for both of us though and it would be so lovely if we had more people joining us...


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