Apple strikes Gold with New iPhone 5S

So Blackberry is already a thing of past! Samsung has stormed the market too much and Nokia still trying to survive with Asha and Lumia. The one product that sell undoubtedly is Apple and how.

New iPhone 5S is out and yet to make it's grand entry on Indian Shores. Or has it? Yes, it has but through grey market. The new strategically launched champagne colored iPhone 5 was a runaway hit in US market wherein it was completely sold off within few hours of release last month. Call it grossly under estimated sales projection or hush strategy of the manufacturer. (If reports are to be believed, Apple's flagship store at Fifth Avenue in New York city saw a minimum of 1400 shoppers awaiting their luck on the day of release. Imagine their disappointment when they were informed about the sold out status of the phone before even getting to see it. 

Given the gold craze at Indian Shores, this phone is sure to make fast bucks. Picture this, many of people will be assessed by their bosses on their sheer ability to procure this model "on first owner basis" at given rates. 

Is it the new color/form factor or just the fanfare surrounding the "latest release" from the premium basket of apple or the inbuilt desire of person owning all this jazzy indicating a linkage to "Maslow' self actualization theory"??

Not just this, to further dilute the market, apple has also launched 5C a seemingly low end iPhone variations in solid candy colors like that of Nokia Lumia. But will they work as much as any other iPhone or just fizzle away in front of Samsung's Note 3 or S4? Time will tell. My verdict- They will cause ripple but won't build much stakes unless they really target with seemingly low price point in bracket of 15k to 25K

Is there a difference between iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S?
Although critics are praising the new iPhone 5S, many consumer are doubting the significant difference between two.

A comparison can be drawn on given the few parameters-

  1. Build: The specs and dimensions are identical except for the redesigned home button and colors of the model.
  2. Display: same retina display
  3. Camera: Both has 8 mega pixel camera but 5S has dual led flash with improved sensor and lens. This is one sphere where the new iPhone5S scores better than iPhone 5. Apparently the best camera apple ever made. 
  4. Connectivity: The new iPhone supports more LTE bands than iPhone 5. 
  5. Processor: Same. Both have equally good processors (A6 and A7). 
  6. Software: While the iPhone 5S comes with pre-installed IOS7, iPhone 5 too has the room to upgrade to same. 
  7. Battery Life: Really expecting battery life from smart phones? Well in that case the new iPhone 5S edges above the iPhone 5 with better battery hours lasting upto 10 hours of talk-time to 3G in comparison to 8 hours TT in iPhone 5. 
  8. Storage: Same options available i.e. 16GB, 32GB and 64GB.

HauteKutir's verdict:
Go for iPhone 5S if only you have a budget for the same. Otherwise, the existing iPhone 5 is as good as it can get so far. If you really fancy the color that new iPhone has to offer, than suggest trying some good ombre or bling covers that are widely available in the market cause you will need them anyways and is highly recommended to keep your phones safe. For me iPhone 5C is a strict no-no and I would rather wait for iPhone 6 rather than upgrading my iPhone 5 to 5S.

Well that's all folks!

Gold, Silver, Space Gray or the regular white/ Black- What is your pick?

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