Cheese Fondue Making Workshop at Cafe Mangii, Versova

One fine Saturday afternoon, a blogger friend from Pune asked me if I would be interested to attend a Fondue-making workshop. Cheese Fondue making? Well, Cheese is my second love and I cannot say No. 

I canceled my other appointment and tucked a few inline and made a beeline for the workshop. I still remember the rush that day when I have to go to South Mumbai, finish my work and return back, all in a span of 3-4 hours. Phew! the traffic was maddening but men! I managed to reach my workshop just in time.

What: Cheese Fondue Making Workshop
Where: Cafe Mangii, Versova
With: Chef Govind and Chef Gautam
Entry Fee: Rs 2000 /head
organized by:

The Table for Cheese Fondue Class was set up with essential cooking tools and assorted varieties of cheese, condiments, sauces, wine, Cognac, and other ingredients including butter and bread crumbs.

4 kinds of cheese were used for the different Fondues.

A fellow attendee is going through the different types of cheese used and understanding each. For ma, I love all of them.

The Fondue forks, assorted. Soaked in water, along with the red little fondue pot. Ummm...

Here's the cute-looking Fondue set in which the final fondue[s] were served to all the participants.

During the workshop, some amazing finger foods were served to us both in veg and nonveg. I really liked the potato Gnocchi and assorted veg slider burger. However, pizza Margarita stole the show. It was awesome and perfect bite-size. I just cannot have enough of it. Cafe Mangii, I am visiting you soon for your loveable pizza and of course, the nice ambiance.  Here are a few pictures-

The Gnocchi that just melts in your mouth.

The chef encouraged some of us to try and cook ourselves. I was excited and waited for my chance to come while watching another participant learning the trick. She said- it looks seemingly easy when Chefs do it but in reality, simmering and mixing the content is a tough cookie oops cheese to crack.

A lot of pine nuts were used in this Fondue and it released a great aroma.

The chef demonstrated 3 different types of Cheese fondue. The attendees were curious and shared their food, fondue experiences. Post the workshop, we were all ushered into the first floor of the cafe for some good interaction session across the dinner table.

The ambiance at level one was even better and had a view of the Versova sea beach via windows. The table was set for all of us. We took our seats and over a few sips of wine, began chatting. The topic of conversation- The upcoming chocolate fondue session post-dinner and the food woes of the ladies around.

I was really surprised to know how these multi-talented, well-bred women play their role brilliantly that of a wife, mother, daughter in law, friend, and an individual, and how curious were they to learn a new cuisine and treat their family with while maintaining their high profile lifestyle and individual aspirations.

The dinner was a mixed course of pasta, potato mash, stir-fried vegetables, and non-vegetarian meals like fish, etc. All the participants were treated with a complimentary glass of wine.

A round of follow-up conversations, some on entailing a few popular age-old specialty restaurants of Mumbai and food trails, including my experience sharing of SMBLC Kolkata, made the last half of the evening and concluded the workshop. The chocolate fondue session was called off as the Chefs were hurried for another assignment.

All in all the workshop was a good experience and I look forward to more. And yes, do visit Cage Mangii. I so much loved it and look forward to going there again, soon.

Ciaos Amigo! Till then happy living and keep sharing your love with @HauteKutir

I am on Instagram too. My handle is - EktaKhetan. See ya!

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