Carafe Pot Luck from Borosil

This is for the tea lovers and Coffee lovers out there. 

So tell me guys, what do you use for making your cup of hot beverage- Tea and coffee? Saucepan? Steel Tea Kettle? Electric Tea Kettle? Coffee making Machine? Microwave friendly container? Does not drink Tea/coffee? Use Pressure Cooker??!! 

Voila! different strokes for different folks. Traditionally, we all use a saucepan of a kind to boil the water [English style Tea] or make the Indian tea..and then transfer the content with help of sieve from that ugly looking saucepan to a Kettle or a Cup. Right?

When was the last time when you made and consumed tea/coffee directly from your pot from the gas/ electric stove? You think I must be joking. Well no! I am serious about it.

What if I tell you, you can watch your tea taking a boil, changing the watercolor from plain to tea leaf gold and husk while every smallest leaf unfurls n add to color, all in a glass jar that you can actually use "direct on the gas stove" to make your tea. You may not believe me but I am sure you will be equally fascinated with the concept as I am. 

Borosil presents "Carafe Pot" that is not just microwave proof but can also be used directly on the flame or hot plate. The new contemporary design with the inbuilt tea strainer will change your tea experience like it did to mine.

Not just the tea, I sue the Carafe pot to store milk in the fridge. And when I am in need of a quick glass of hot milk or hot chocolate, all I do is take the pot out from the fridge and reheat the milk on the stove and pour myself some and keep it back in the refrigerator once it cools down. The Borosilicate glass guaranteed to withstand temperature up to 350-degree c and dishwasher safe too. isn't that lovely-lovely thing by Borosil?

Its non-porous glass is free from stains and odors and cloudy impact. All it does is to alleviate my tea drinking experience by the vision of seeing my tea with leaves getting boiled in it, leaving a dark brown, maroon color that changes to brown n beige when milk is added. The lid ensures that my tea does not flow out from the pot and the aroma of cardamom, ginger and Tea Masala is well induced and infused in the pot. Sometimes, you drink tea with your eyes, sometimes you dwell in it with your feelings and sometimes you take that sip to consume the colorful, rich liquid down your throat to your heart and soul. 

It is inspiring, It is Carafe. It is like that magic crystal that tells you "haal-e-dil" of the hot beverage inside, enriching your experience deeper and finer.

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  1. I like my tea the English way, Darjeeling long-leaf, brewed, without milk, without sugar. Can this contraption help?


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