DimSum festival at Renaissance Powai

DimSum= From the heart!

I was invited by the lovely team of Renaissance Powai for a scrumptious "Dim Sum Festival" hosted at their "Emperor's court", the hotel's Cantonese Specialty Restaurant, this monsoon. Invites from the Renaissance are always filled with aromas of great food and equally greater hospitality. Besides, I love their ambiance that is surrounded by the lake and looks pristine in the twilight.

The best part of the festival was that it has something for everyone including vegetarians who often complain about the absence of good options in Chinese/Cantonese cuisines, for them. Well for a change, Chef Pandey decided to turn the table and up the delight.

The proof of the pudding is in eating, hence I am letting these pictures do all the talking. My verdict will follow. Here are few glimpses from the evening and the exclusive dining-

The media table that was set in the cozy nook of The Emperor's Court, overseeing the lovely lake view, lit at the evening with stars and vast blue sky, while we dine- almost under the stars. +2 for the venue and the seating

Here's the menu for what to expect, wrapped in the lovely embrace of aroma and great taste. let us open to see what lies in :)

Dressed in Red, the lovely welcome drink made with Guava. It tasted just the best. 

Some Welcome snacks made with peanuts, Tofu, honey that were placed on the round revolving table to keep the guest engaged and up their appetite

Here's the "Chef Special" Menu for the
media table that was laid that evening
The Japanese wine- Sake seizes some attention and
the table. It tasted just the fine, as a Rice Sake should be!

One of the best soups in Cantonese cuisine I tasted so far. It was adequately warm, flavorful and comforting. The spring onions crushed inside added to the crunch and a great taste. Kudos Chef!

It is Dimsum time! Here are some "Oriental Vegetable Bao" and Spinach and Bamboo Shoot dumplings" with some amazing chili garlic sauce, adorning my plate and stimulating my palate

Here's more...some "silken tofu and asparagus dumpling"
with "Oriental vegetable pot stickers" Umm

Ain't this dumpling looks beautiful? Well, they were soft and succulent to eat too. I am sure you must be wondering what is the difference between Momo and dumplings. Well yes, they are different indeed. Momos are the poor cousin of dumplings that is served primarily is places like Bhutan and others, generally made with a similar kind of fillings. While dumpling has a different connection altogether and essentially is part of Chinese cuisine.

Here's a dekko at the regular "yum-cha" menu set by the chef at "The Emperor's Court"-


 You can click on the above pictures to enlarge.

So it is the dinner time now. The main course menu looked irresistible. I had some bad Chinese food a night hitherto and was more curious to have my last experience changed. So, while the chef went on to bring our main course, we had a good shot of some refreshing, well brewed Chinese tea to soothe our senses and cleanse our palate. Here's a dekko-

Our main course arrived and was served with delight. I had my share of some finger licking good vegetarian main course. And yes, as I mentioned earlier, the burnt chili garlic sauce was the star.

Main course was "Stir fried Tofu in Chili Garlic sauce, Stir fried oriental vegetables in black bean sauce and Vegetable noodles in Sichuan sauce"

The Chef surprised us with some aromatic, well-flavored veg rice. It went really well with garlic chili sauce

The table it was, with the delectable spread and contented smiles
Dessert Time!!! While the dessert were about to arrive, we did some chit chat with fellow media guests around and clicked some picture of the venue around the table, just to give you some idea. Here's a dekko-

Finally the desserts arrived. this time it was not just plain Vanilla ice cream with some random fruits that they served on the "Discovery day". In fact, it was a fare full of exotic fruits like Longan, Dragon fruit, star fruit among the others. How much I was looking for a "Mango pudding" and "crispy fried ice cream" as enlisted in the menu, the dessert served was though simple but yet a healthier option after eating all those oil, noodles and extra dose of burnt chili sauce.

The Dessert served with exotic fruits

We left with a small chocolate box containing 2 chocolates as parting gifts. Dunno about the taste of chocolates, the boxes looked delectable ;)

Haute Kutir's Verdict- If you are a foodie who likes to explore, who likes to dine in great ambiance and who has a slight inclination towards Asian, Chinese food, then you must visit The DimSum Festival at Renaissance Powai. If your last Chinese eat out experience was not great and made you feel like never trying that cuisine again, then the visit is a must.

Do I recommend? Yes, very much

Ambiance: 5/5
Menu: 4/5
Hospitality: 5/5
Quality of Food: 4/5
Presentation: 4/5

To discover more visit:  renaissancemumbai.com

Bon appetite
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  1. wow... those are mouth watering pics... even that darn menu card which lets me know the non veg stuff available :D

    1. There was a lt of non veg stuff available Roshan. You must visit and have your fill at Renaissance.

  2. Too bad I missed it, looks like I missed a lot..
    Loved the pics and fantastic round up


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