Borosil- Glass of Steal!

Whenever I have guests at home and have to make an impression, I switch to my Borosil.
They say- first impressions last forever. So what is better than making lasting first impressions than make one with "welcome drinks"? Ummm you got me talking here.
And I always makes "first impression" with my "welcome drinks", beverages and desserts. Read more to know more.
You now what makes a welcome drink, a perfect welcome drink? Recipe? Yes.. Suitability with Audience/guests? Yes..Presentation? Definitely yes!
Well, some people serve water as a welcome drink and you can serve water anyways as it is linked to "utility". What if I make simple utility look "pretty" and "tempting"?
Oh yes. I have a vision for glass and "Vision" glass from Borosil. I so much loved their collection there. From Classy Polka, Fern to designer Pyramid and Canard..they have beautiful designs that all my welcome drinks loved to be served in...they have all beautiful touch and look that my guests appreciate. They have all designs that make my "welcome drink" a big hit with my guests and family alike. How Canard and Duchesse serve as my "partner- in- dine?"

They make a usual Lassi [Buttermilk] look tempting with their interesting cuts and silhouettes. I put a thin layer of  "Roohafza" in the glass and then pour beaten Lassi on top of it, stirring mildly]. Stopping midway, I take some fresh, roasted dry fruits like Kaju, Almonds, and Pistachios and spread a layer of it. I finish the next half with remaining buttermilk and garnish the top with a Crispy Basil [ just a leaf or two], crush it in temples of my hand and add it on the top with a small piece of "Anjeer" sliced in a round shape [tucked at the walls of the glass] and serve. 

If you want to make it little more interesting, pour a spoon of "Roohafza" on top, before adding Basil and Anjeer. Take a slender stirring spoon and make lines on the red Roohafza on top [it will look zigzag. Now Garnish it with an "Anjeer", basil or if you wish, sliced strawberries.
The total preparation time will be barely 10 mins. But the time for finishing it will be less than a minute. It is so finger licking, sipping good!
Sipping is believing mate!