Neutrogena Acne Wash & Blackhead Eliminating Toner Review

A lot of our buying is forced by the brand image and advertisements. However, the products leave a lot to be desired when you use them. 

So I have heard many a thing about how amazing the Neutrogena products are esp the oil-free range. Thankfully, I do not have oily skin but my hubby does. He has got an oily skin with blackheads and acne outbursts. 

After going through some rave reviews, I logged to #Flipkart with #Billion Sales [just kidding] and bought-

1) Oil-Free Acne Wash
2) Deep Clean Blackhead Eliminating Cooling toner.

I gifted this comparative to Lotus and Garnier products that he was using earlier, to him expecting it to address his woes, if not do the miracle. Well, it reassured another long traveling belief of mine- The high price tag does not still ensure quality.

So the experience was not something to write home about. To sum it up, here's what I think about these two products-

1) The face wash is harsh in texture, giving an excessive feeling of harsh chemicals being used and is totally non-effective on pimples.
2) Irrespective of texture, the face wash was highly ineffective. Instead of controlling the acne and pimples, it rather aggravated them.
3) The face wash given it's translated benefits is not worth the money you spend.
4) The pump dispenser and the transparent bottle are the only 2 good things about this product.

I tried this product on my face and unfortunately my skin too break into acne/ pimples post 2 usages.  So you can well understand what will it to the skin that it claims to serve.

The Cooling Toner
1) The toner unlike the face wash is somewhat better and does not disrupt the skin post application
2) It was OK and refreshing on the skin and absorbed easily
3) Better capping/dispenser could have helped

Haute Kutir's verdict: On a scale of 5, with 5 being highest, I would rate both of them as-
Neutrogena Oil-Free Face wash:- 1 / 5
Neutrogena Deep clean Toner- 2 / 5

Will I buy them again? NO
Would I recommend it to others- Certainly NO.


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