Be Beautiful with Garnier BB Cream

I am a working professional and a full time wife :) It is hence, imperative for me to look better, prim and proper. No matter how much I love all things make up but actually I love to be natural and wear minimal make up. My usual partners in crime are-

1) My comb [I often use them once in day while leaving for office and then either coming back home or before sleeping]
2) Eye Liner
3) Lip Balm
4) Body mist
5) A compact that I barely use in spite of carrying it all time.
6) Lacto Calamine

If you open my cupboard and the newly acquired dresser, you will find make up of all kinds, all brands, untouched and unused. My daily regime would cleansing, toning and dab some lacto calamine [optional]. And foundations, I must tell you, you cannot wear them everyday especially while going to office. Any other cream is strict nah nah.

So what do you do when you want a clear, well toned skin without applying too much make up, skin corrector or prime or foundation? Well the answer is Garnier BB cream!

When BB, CC cream was first launched in India, I was quite skeptical to use any of them.I dismissed them as just another "cosmetic" until I used it earlier this year. Need I dramatize it the way they do on tele brands extra? well no. Though I liked what I used.

The product- Garnier BB cream
Introductory price- Rs 99
What the product claim: BB cream brightens, smoothens and moisturize you skin., giving it flawless finish.

My Skin types: Normal to Oily
Complexion: Wheatish to fair

How did BB cream fit in to my regime- Post bath face regime for the outdoor. Repeat? Rarely more than once-twice in a day.

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