Have You Tried The Pre-marinated #RealGoodChicken by Godrej Tyson

Spoiler alert- this post is for the people who love Chicken

Are you a die-hard Chicken lover?
A new-age food group had been discovered. It is neither vegetarian nor non-vegetarian. It is- Chicken-a-tarian! Yes, chickentarian and that is the trademark of Haute Kutir Blog.

According to one of our internal survey, Chicken is one of the most preferred non-veg foods and, Butter Chicken and Chicken Tikka Masala are two highly popular dishes across Indian restaurants. Food lovers around the world just could not resist the temptation of savouring through the creamy, well-cooked chicken and frequent every single restaurant in the city to try that one special variety. Well, that is why we have "Butter Chicken Food Trail" wherein a team of food lovers, visit different Butter Chicken serving joints in city to savour their all-time favourite dish.

Chicken is also what Sunday specials are made of.

However, making chicken at home has become a luxury of late. The sheer cause of the hectic lifestyles which is inversely proportionate to the time required to cook a nice chicken recipe at home. Besides, there are so many brands in the market claiming the consumer’s mindshare and yet making them unsure of the quality and value of money.

What if I tell you that now you can enjoy #RealGoodMeal with #RealGoodChicken not just on Sunday but every day at the comfort of your home and without burning your pocket? And it also has the trust of Godrej too? Well, read on-

Godrej Tyson
At Haute Kutir, we understand the growing need to “instant”, “ready to cook”, easily available packaged food. Our endeavour to delight our readers with different concepts, products and services had taken us to Godrej Tyson’s beautiful Office in Mumbai, to meet their leadership, find new launches and share some interesting recipes using chicken.

Here’s presenting- Godrej Tyson #RealGoodChicken

Godrej Tyson Foods Ltd. (GTFL), India’s premier poultry and vegetarian products manufacturer, launches two new products, Achari Tikka and Pahadi Kabab, under its brand Real Good Chicken. Followed by the success of the pre-marinated range of products launched last year and living its brand promise of 'Ideas that make life brighter', Real Good Chicken enables mumbaikars to recreate the restaurant style kababs at home with ease. It is made with fresh, succulent, juicy and hygienic chicken.  [Source- Brand]

Details about the two new variants launched
1) Achari Tikka- Priced at Rs 135 for a packet of 300 grams 
2) Pahadi Kabab- Rs 160 for a 400gms packet [4 pcs drumstick]

Now that is what you may call- #RealGoodMeal

Here is the dishes cooked during the live cookout-

The event was graced by renown Chef Michael Swamy and Arabind Das, COO, Godrej Tyson Food Ltd, who in his unique humorous appeal, were part of the live cook-out and kept the audience engaged. In Arabind's words-

“Real Good Chicken enables homemakers to recreate at home the taste and experience similar to dining out in a restaurant. Along with taste and convenience it also makes it safe and healthy. Dining at home is a growing trend the brand makes it easier for all homemakers to experiment with it and create dishes of their choice and palate."

Here's a bonus for all the readers of Haute Kutir. A Recipe from the kitchens of Godrej Tyson. If you are fond of pickles, do try out this one. 

Spiced Potatoes with Achari Tikka


 2 Sliced potatoes with skin on
 4 pods of Garlic
 ¼ teaspoon turmeric
 ¼ teaspoon red chilli flakes without the seeds
 1 table spoon olive oil
 1 tablespoon butter
 2 sprigs of rosemary
 ¼ teaspoon chaat masala
 1 pkt of Achari tikka

 200 grams Mixed berries
 100 grams Sugar
 100 ml Vinegar
 Red chilli 1 nos

 Micro Greens
 Fried onion crisps
 Fried tulsi leaves

  1. Wash and slice the potatoes fine
  2. In a bowl mix the chilli, turmeric and oil together
  3. Heat the pan and drizzle a tablespoon of oil on it.
  4. Layer the potatoes on the pan and cook it to a golden brown on both sides
  5. Sprinkle chaat masala over it
  6. Heat oil in a pan and on a slow flame cook the chicken for 8 minutes turning it gently
  7. Layer the potatoes and serve the tikkas on top garnish with fresh basil or toasted tulsi leaves

 I know a lot of you would be struggling a watering mouth and could not wait to try it. Do not wait either. Go ahead, treat your friends, family and yourself with such gourmand and easy to make Godrej Tyson Chicken delicacies. It is Christmas time. So go Feast!

Bon Appetite
Haute Kutir

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