Renaissance Mumbai- RArt Series + Sunday Brunch at Fratelli Fresh


जश्न ए ज़िन्दगी , कर सुरूर इसका
कभी तस्वीर से, कभी रंगो से इसका हक़ अदा करते है.
बैठे है तेरी महफ़िल में ए ग़ालिब ,
और तेरे महफ़िल की अदा बयां करते है।

Life is a never-ending celebration. A Celebration of joy, colors, culture and even pain. Some people talk about it and forgets. While some people paint it on their canvas and makes it immortal. Art is all about manifesting the life in different forms.And Renaissance Mumbai is doing it with the Fine art of Paintings and Food.

Renaissance Mumbai Convention Centre hosted premium exhibition 'RArt Series' with live art presentation by popular artist Ram Indranil Kamath at Fratelli Fresh. They invited us to a summery Sunday Brunch and we could not help explore their artful outlook. The event was commemorated with good wine and some amazing looking desserts from the Fratelli Fresh Kitchen. The day saw many food bloggers, art aficionado and television artists gracing the event.

The exhibit had works of diverse mediums along with an opportunity to commission them. The fresh food added flavors to the whole experience while exploring the vivid art forms at this special Sunday Brunch.

Now, if you are in Mumbai and have not had brunch at Renaissance, then there is something you are missing. Being a regular and an admirer of this hospitality legacy, we truly recommend a visit solely for the property and the awesome ambiance.

Here are few glimpses from the event-

1) Mahamaya

2) Panchmukhi Hanuman

3) Artist Ram Indranil Kamath

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