Five Reasons Why Girls like to Swing with New Asus Zenphone 2 Laser #Review

Girls like to swing...


And swing with a sash. Coo Ah Ah, Co Ash!

An impeccable rehash, rejoinder of all things pretty, all things cosmo and all things- bling. 

Yes, girls like to swing!!

So all you singing, swinging girls who have their own personal style, fashion profile and zing for life, here we bring a bling of a gadget for you. Something, that is really dazzling, your most loved arm-candy and a connected mate that you stick around with 24X7. Yes, we are talking about your Smartphone. 

Don't we all like to bling and zing to our lives? Then why not zing up our phones? Pretty sure we can, we should. 

We at Haute Kutir understand you. And in our endeavours to bring interesting beauty, Fashion and Lifestyle products/services to you, we thought of showcasing a gadget that may add to the oomph you ooze and oodles your style quotient. But before that caution- Hotness Alert ahead! 

Here's presenting Asus Zenfone 2 Laser, a perfect new Smartphone companion that match your style and live up your diva life!

Do not worry, it is not usual technical Smartphone review or how digit pixels this phone may have. We said we understand you and that’s why, we would rather tell you that if you have a new Smartphone in mind, Asus Zenfone 2 Laser will be your perfect find. Here's why it fits in your "The Diva Life"-

Diva life- 5 Reasons that Asus Zenfone 2 Laser is a Red Hot Buy

1) Go Glam Form Factor - Zenfone 2 Laser comes in some interesting colours including this Red Hot Matte that will match your LBD, floral and those stilettos perfectly. It is about time to ditch those ugly looking, manly black and too common white cover phones. You can take it to your prom nights, club days and even that adventure trip with great aplomb. Do not worry if it drops from your hand, the Cornila Gorilla glass will take care, pronto!

2) Le Nina Selfie Phone- Selfie wala Zenfone 2 Laser- We know how much you love to dress up, do your tress, zing your nails with colours, pout and take that perfect selfie. Hello, such size of sprucing up for just 2 mega pixel of front camera? We do not want to sound like geek, but we all know higher the mega pixel, better the selfie. How about 5MP front camera? Ahoy! It is selfie after all, no mean feat. So let's pout and pose!

BTW, do check the Camera features including slow motion and GIF modes. Then, there is Selfie Panorama for large hearted girls with many friends trying to fit in same frame. Hip, Hop and click!

3) Beautification Mode - Whoa! You have to see it to believe it. It’s a real time, simple edit that help you enhance your selfies even before you take them. The "beautification mode" will help you to smoothen, brighten and soften your screen skin texture. Not just that, it will help you to tone down that chin size and enhance your eye size. All on screen mind you :) Besides, if you think you want a selfie at an interval, it has on-screen up to 5 seconds countdown timer, till you make that perfect pose. Cool isn’t it? J

4) Diva's Personal Manager- We are fashionable but not dumb. We want beauty but with functionality embed. Multi tasking is the word, and to support that Asus Zenfone Laser 2 has a smart manager that gives you power of snapdragon 410 processor and helps easy navigating between multiple tabs. In crisis, it boosts phone's processing power and helps conserve battery via "power saver mode". The "Auto Start Manager" helps manage apps that automatically start so you can free memory, improve system performance and most important to all of us, save battery life. 

5) Pocket Mein rocket- Well whoever said that high quality comes only with high price, needs to be corrected. Asus does that with Zenfone 2 laser. Do not frown and hold your purses, save that nickel for that new dress on shelf. This Red hot Smartphone comes at a highly affordable price of Rs 9999/ only. Super! Be a Good Samaritan and gift this to your mom, sister or a friend. Aha! You got bigger budget? So check our blog for better things to splurge them on. After all, we cannot take many selfies in one dress. Right?

And that’s how cookie crumbles! Zing your Smartphone life with Asus Zenfone 2 Laser!

Hey girl, I am sure, you are going to love it. Like Totally! Absolutely!

With love,
Ekta Khetan

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