What Makes New Asus ZenPhone 'Max'imum Style with 'Max'imum Convenience?

We gave you an exclusive peek-a-boo of a new smartphone that was in Embargo [Snapchat followers]. On 23rd May, the phone was officially launched and we did an exclusive unboxing on our snapchat too [@ektakhetan]. If you missed that or have not yet subscribed yet, do that today :)

The enthusiasm did not end there. A lot of you asked us "why we think that Asus Zenphone is a cool phone?" Well, we took your query one at a time and here we go, tell you why-

Features that Makes New Asus Zenphone Max 'Maxi'mum style with Max'imum convenience

1) Loaded with Features: First Things first. The New ASUS Zenphone has Qualcomm Snapdragon 615 Octa-core processor, 2GB/3GB RAM variations. 32GB internal storage expanding up to 64GB.  You may say too many technical specs but what it has for me? So we would say that it gives you all latest benefits including 4G readiness. In short, it has a power packed performance, enabling you to utilize high mobile data speeds.

2) A Battery that Doubles your Zenphone into a Power Bank
The phone comes with 5000 MaH battery that lasts up to two days. Well, that is one part of it. The more interesting part is that the battery is very much shareable without needed to be taken out. How? Well, the phone comes with a connecting USB. So if someone who is running short of their smartphone charge, can connect one phone with yours [provided you have sufficient battery to lend] and get their phone charged on the go.

Seems the battery indeed believe in "Sharing is Caring".

3) Strong and sturdy
I know how your heart breaks every time you drop your phone or end up scratching your phone screen with a mild tribulation. No matter how soft or delicate we humans are, we prefer our phone sto be strong and sturdy. Imagine you have spent almost half a lakh on a tiny phone and it bends mercilessly at a small stroke? Naah! I would rather buy a phone that is not sissy but offers durability with an equally attractive design. A trait that Zenphone Max completely boasts of having. It has a fine form factor, a little heavy so you remember where you have kept it

4) Pocket-Friendly
Yeah! talking about the cost, the Zenphone Max at Rs 10,000 MRP, it is a steal! You may happily use it for a year and replacement should not be an issue as your investment was well within your budget. However, Zenphone do not have great resale value so you better use it to your heart content before you go for another Asus phone :)

5) A Fashion Statment worth Making
We talked about the attractive and strong form factor of the phone. Also, how light is it on your pocket. You can also style it with your different outfits including one of my recently styled The Summer River Side Outfit [Post coming up soon]. The phones pairs well with my different outfits especially the new Monochrome numbers that I bought from H&M recently [blog coming soon]. Here's giving you an exclusive glimpse.

Not just that, if you do not like black, you can opt for colors like Orange and blue too. Yes, the phone comes in three attractive colors.

6) Helps Creating Great Memories
The new Max has a wonderful camera with some attractive photo capturing features that will help you to make most of every moment that you have clicked. For records, it has 13M rear camera and 5M front camera.

Here' the list of different features including modes, effects, Selfie beautification and more. My favorite is "Depth of Field". I loved it totally! You may like to try GIF too..they are fun :)

Another thing that I loved most is the "screenshot access" on the phone. Knwoing the growing demand of this feature, Asus has kept this very handy at the "recent apps" icon on phone.

Folks, that all about the things that make the New Asus Zenphone "Max'imum style with 'Max'ium Convenience.

I am liking the screen size, resolution and camera quality. The improved battery is a good comforting factor.









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