My Latest Summer Fashion Shopping Haul from H&M

Women and Shopping!
Holla! Girls love to shop. In shopping, clothes and makeup top the chart. All the recent surveys will shout out loud how girls love shopping for clothes. 

I am no exception. No, My lord, no freaking exception. I love buying new clothes but I hate going from shop to shop and spend hours in selecting designs. I am an impulsive buyer. If I like it on the window, I will buy. If I like the brand, I will buy. If you have sale, I will end up buying fresh stock. If I have seen it on someone else, wait, hold your horses, I would not buy as I do not like to wear designs that everyone dons.

There are designs that you shop for and there are labels that you shop from
I prefer shopping for designs and I am label agnostic. However, there are few brands that I like.

One of my favorite brands is- H&M. I have mostly shopped from H&M Abu Dhabi and Dubai, and so much wished that they have something in India. When the Delhi store was opened, I was thrilled and waited with baited breath to have one opened in Mumbai. A year passed, and after the Balmain collection came and was sold out, I was sitting here and biting my heart.

I have been pestering my husband to visit the Delhi H&M store for me and get me stuff since the inauguration. Ah! his schedules, even though he visits Delhi Twice a week, does not permit him to have his meals, leave alone shopping, and that too for such a choosy wife. #MissionImpossible

Last month, a miracle happened as husband's meeting in Delhi got postponed and H&M happened. 

My H&M Shopping Haul
It's Summers and time for minimal. Barring 15 minutes break time, here's what hubby quickly picked for my #MustHave summer wardrobe-

Monochrome Mania
Coincidentally, every cloth that I pick is either white, black or blue. Not my corporate genes but these colors are somehow embedded in my wardrobe and dressing architecture, making them my capsule colors. These 2 numbers absolutely echo that sentiment

Stripes and Prints
They both are slender Viscose blouses, both in black and white and the both has the same material. What set them apart is- the first one has this quintessential stripes and the second one has these interesting autumn leaves for print

Bare Minimum Tank Tops
I also got this three solid hue and misty toned Tank tops in Compulsory Black, Stonewash Grey and Pastel Beige. 

The clothes are extremely comfortable, soothing, light and easy to maintain. I am just loving them.

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So, how did you like my shopping haul from H&M? Do let me know. 

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