Fratelli Wine Evening with MS Range at Pali Village Cafe, Mumbai

Mumbai Monsoon
Mumbai opened doors and clouds to monsoon last week. After the scorching summer, the first pour of the season was such a great relief and privilege that we wanted to welcome the monsoon with aplomb.

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A Candid Shot of the Two Amazing Food Bloggers and Friends- Zoran and Ashwin , enjoying their wines and conversation

How I welcomed Monsoon in Mumbai
What could be a better way to welcome Monsoon then with some fine company, fine place and finest taste and blend? Being a wine aficionado, we chose to spend our first monsoon evening with Fratelli Wines and their new range of M/S Blend. The venue was rustic looking "Pali Village Cafe" at Bandra.

And for company, I had internationally acclaimed wine maestros, Piero Masi and Steven Spurier's latest blend M/S range served by Wine Master, Craig W Wedge.

The Decor at Pali Village Cafe

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The ambiance was just perfect for a relaxed wine tasting soiree. One thing that I missed was- open spaces, glass panels where I can see pitter-patter of rain drops, sizzling down from sky.

Here are few glimpses from the evening-

The Delectable food that perfectly complimented the wine,

The Perfect host Craig Wedge setting the tone of rest of the evening with sheer camaraderie over the wine flutes.

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Holding my Champagne flute till the last drop

Starting from crispy sparkly and then moving over to MS. Liked the Blanc De Noires

I had been wanting to go to Pali Village Cafe from quite some time. However, the plan never worked it. This time it was different, even the rain, the slosh in traffic and a long day shoot did not deter me visit it. This visit made me wanting to come back again. Hope I do.

Overall, we had a good time. The dim lit cafe looked and felt quite like a french inn. The wines were paired with the delectable Modern European Varieties served by the Pali Village Cafe.

About Fratelli Wines: Fratelli Wines is a premium Indian wine brand popularly known for its consistency, quality standards and excellence that is setting new benchmarks for Indian wines worldwide. It is the second most distributed wine brand in India.

Bon Life!

Haute Kutir


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