Beauty Sleep With Sofy Overnight Sanitary Pads

Women, Hygiene and their Sleeping position
Women across the world play different roles in their daily lives. We are Daughter, sister, beloved, wife, manager and mother. Irrespective of the roles that we play in our daily lives, the struggles that we undergo, the fears that we defeat, there is one thing that worries we women a lot. That is the fear of menstrual strain and that sticky discomfort especially through the night, interrupting our beauty sleep.
Yes, those 3 days when women face heavy menstrual flow that not just leaves them physically drained but also makes them mentally conscious, very conscious that they couldn't sleep well or sleep the way they usually do.
You would have heard about different sleeping positions that people have and things it tells about their personality. However, during the menstrual cycle, when a woman needs maximum rest and good sleep, she ends up sleeping like an attentive soldier, sans the salute. Reason? We told you, fear of stain, crampy napkin, poor absorbing sheet leading to careworn attitude of changing napkins during the night
Sleep at Ease with Sofy Overnight
It is time to change! Instead of changing sanitary napkin every 2 hours, change the napkin brand that you have been using. Try Sofy bodyfit overnight. 

Sofy bodyfit overnight is a product from Japan's no 1 brand Unicharm. 

What does Sofy Overnight provide?
Sofy Overnight is acknowledged as India's longest napkin with its 420mm [XXXL] variant. It also has a 350 MM variant that has a wider hip guard and 3 Way leakage control system prevents Leakage until morning.

It is a slim fit napkin with comfy dry cover and wings, and best suited for night usage. 

How it works-
1) Wider Hip Guard: This covers your under pant /undergarment from the back for extra coverage to prevent stains, allowing more padded area for absorption
2) Flexi Absorb System/ Shape Maintenance System: It makes the napkin move with your body and yet be in shape in the position that you may sleep in, to prevent leakage. 
3) Double Absorbent Core: It fits the body and continues to absorb from night until morning 

So no matter which position you sleep, you can sleep peacefully, ugly yet beautifully. 

It costs Rs 155 for 10 350 MM pads that mean just Rs 15.5 approx for one pad. They also have the pack of 5 pads and 20 pads available.

Here's how the product looks like-

So Women, Time to Sleep Ugly for your beauty Sleep, with Sofy


Here's a small poem to all women

Women, you are an epitome 
of beauty, of grace and
 sophistication is thy second name. 
Charisma is your tame.

You walk like an elephant, 
indulging in your own gait. 
You dance like a peacock, 
through the puddles of rain. 
You pout like a diva, 
you sing like a nightingale

My warrior princess,
my sweet September
You are the loveliest dame.

Let me kiss you goodnight,
so you sleep 
without any fear or shame

Toss, turn, snore or yawn
#SleepUgly till the break of dawn!

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