Blockbuster Barbeques at Barbeque Nation

What: Blockbuster Barbeques Food festival
Where: Barbeque Nation
What is it famous for: DIY Barbeque, Sumptuous meals
Cost: Rs 1600 for two

This New Year, Barbeque Nation brought some lights, camera & action to the dining with its themed festival- ‘Blockbuster Barbeques’. As the name suggests, it is a celebration of some of the favourite Bollywood flicks. The theme was incorporated thoroughly into the d├ęcor and the menu.

Here's a dekko-

The Menu

The menu has an eclectic mix of starters interesting with names like Paneer Singh Tomar, Bajirao Mastani ka khumb, Ek Tha Murga amongst others. The filmy main course consists of dishes like Subz Hera Pheri, Gobhi ghaat, Anarkali Macchi and Dum Maaro Dum Biryani for guests to enjoy.

Here's a dekko at the menu-

Haute Kutir Experience

The place was packed and full with food enthusiast lined up at all nooks and corner.  We were greeted by a very warm and hospitable set of stewards and staff who led us to our table and took our meal preferences. They were quick to set our barbeque and serve us with some delicious, lip-smacking starters. My favourites were the crispy corn, kaddu patties and the Bullet Raja. They were fresh, crunchy and made great appetisers. 

The Youngistan Veg soup was a thin tomato shorba concoction with vermicelli. I am not a very shorba person and found it bland. I lowered the flag and moved in for the main course, from table to the buffet. 

The star of the show was the desserts and in particular the amazing kulfis. I am a fan of their paan kulfi and had a heartfelt scoop of it along with some tutti-frutti kulfi

The other desserts including firni and gulab jamun were quite a feast and I bet you won't settle for just one.

Overall, the food fare was quite a gastronomy affair and an interesting food experience that you will definitely enjoy.

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