How To Keep Your Car Clean & Fresh

The Car-avan Culture

With the current state of the roads and the traffic we all face in bustling metros and small towns, we can all agree- we spend a lot of time in our cars. So, shouldn’t we keep it clean and fresh? With a little bit of work and a hint of fragrance, you’ll enjoy your car all the more. We’ll show you how to get your car smelling as good as new, with these simple steps:

1. Time for some Spring Cleaning: Simply use a foam brush or a medium-sized paint brush to clean dust from the AC vents. Use a vacuum cleaner just after you brush off the dust to make sure that it does not settle anywhere else. To ensure that you breathe fresh air, replace your car’s air filters, take out the trash and shampoo your car seats, once every few weeks.

2. New car habits: Can’t seem to keep your car clean? It’s time you set some ground rules. Ensure that your and any passenger’s shoes are clean, with no muck or dirt. Place white paper sheets to ensure that your shoes don’t leave stains on the car mats. Most importantly, do not eat or drink anything in the car as this leaves stains and adds to car trash, if not removed immediately. Treat your car as you would your home and you’ll have a pleasant driving experience anywhere.

3. Make your car smell great again: Before you think of any car air fresheners in the market, pick a scent that appeals to you. Some are designed especially for particular car types. They fit perfectly when placed on an air-conditioned vent or your dashboard. Simply try one of the many Godrej Aer Twist perfumes for cars and enjoy your daily dose of fresh, uninterrupted sweet smelling air. Undoubtedly, the best car fresheners out there,  you can choose from great fragrances from a Rich Irish Cocktail, Bright Tangy Delight, Cool Surf Blue, Petal Crush Pink, Fresh Lush Green or even a Musk After Smoke. They are simply a class apart. Keep them in your car and you will enjoy a fresh and sweet fragrance. A simple refill will ensure that you are never short of freshness. Buy it online here

So, what are you waiting for? Get that freshness that you’ve always wanted for your car with these three simple steps and you can breathe easy!

Breath Easy, Live long!
Haute Kutir

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