Get Soft Skin with Himalaya Cocoa Butter this Winter

Pamper your skin with the goodness of Cocoa Butter and fight winter dryness

Who does not love pampering? Including our skin that needs moisturising irrespective of the skin type. Young or old, black or white, dry or oily, all skin needs a good bit of cleaning and lots of moisturising, especially in winters.

Winters, ah! the beautiful season that comes with a lot of dryness too. Dryness strips off essential oils from your skin, leaving it scaly, flaky and prone to wrinkles. Like your body, you need to hydrate your skin. While there is no alternative for drinking the water to keep your skin hydrated, you need a little additional love and care for the exteriors too.

What better than Cocoa Butter to keep your skin soft, supple and moisturised?

Moisturization, the "Cacao" of our lives
You may wonder, what is Cocoa butter and why should I use it? 

Cocoa butter is a vegetable fat extracted from Cacao/ Cocoa beans. It is also called Theobroma oils and is a great emollient for skin. The beans are first fermented, roasted and then separated from their hulls. A majority of the extract, say 51% PLUS residual is the cocoa butter extracted using the Broma Process and hence the oil is also called as Theobroma Oils. The extract of the Cacao beans is also used for making, one of the favourites ingredients of women- chocolate. Ummm, I am sure the thought of chocolate brings lots of pleasurable joys to your mouth and mind.

Cocoa Butter given its high antioxidant properties, pleasant fragrance, velvet smooth texture and good storage life of 1-2 years is considered as one of the best ingredients for making Beauty products. It is highly used for preventing stretch marks in pregnant women and to soothe dry/chapped skin.

It is an expensive ingredient and is often substituted with Shea Butter, Coconut Oil or off late, Rapeseed Oil [widely known as Canola Oil]

A few months earlier, I have learnt about a video where some dexterous women were extracting cocoa butter. They apparently in an interview alleged that during the extraction process which requires their hands to be constantly dipped in the cocoa butter, their skin becomes so smooth and young that it does not reflect their real age. Yes, they alleged that while they were 40+, their hands still looked like of a 22 years old. Ain't that amazing?

Now we all cannot access the cocoa butter extraction process to attain the magical touch but we can still derive the goodness of cocoa butter at the comfort of our homes, offices and travel, with new Himalaya Rich Cocoa Butter.

Himalaya Rich Cocoa Butter

Himalaya is one of the popular skin care and health brand from India. They have recently launched a new body butter viz: Rich Cocoa Butter. The product claims to intensively moisturise your skin towards making it healthy and glowing. 

It is a thick formula and spreads well on your body. The effect stays till next wash or 3-4 hours, whichever is earlier.

What is it consists of?

Here is the list of ingredients plus other details of the product.

How to use: Take a swipe of the product on clean fingers and apply all over your cleansed body, rub and spread gently. You can use it all over your body from decollete to feet, baring your face. 

I was not a fan of chocolate in my beauty products and often found their smell intoxicating. However, this product has a good rancidity and emits a mild yet pleasant fragrance. I have used the product in lotion variant in past and it is among one of my current favourites.

What I Liked
1) Smooth and creamy Texture
2) Spread evenly
3) High Emulsifying properties
4) Mild Fragrance
5) Sturdy packaging with a seal lock cover
6) Value for money

What I did not like
You just cannot have enough of it

Do I recommend buying/using it: Yes

Overall verdict: I have a dry skin and I cannot afford to skip moisturization. Though I am staying in Mumbai, where technically there is no winter yet, I could sense the dryness and discomfort in my skin. I may skip makeup but I love moisturisers and cold creams, and simply could not have enough of them. 

I have used Himalaya's other moisturisers in the past, including the cocoa butter lotion that soothed my skin best in the category. The body butter is thick yet easy to spread. It is smooth and leaves you with a tingling fragrance of Cacao. 

The packaging is quite handy and the portion is good too. The product is good and worth trying. I am not sure if it claims to repair your parched skin but it definitely soothes and comfort.

At Rs 270 for 200 ml it is a steal and cost effective too.  The cream is good for people with Normal to dry skin. Give it a try and let me know your feedback. I am sure you will like it and will replace it over some of the other expensive body butter variants as available in the market.

Rating: 4/5

Haute Kutir Tips: Before going to bed, wash your feet and hands, apply a generous dose of the cream. Use a hot towel to fold to cream inside your skin and then apply a thin layer of the cream again. It will keep your skin moist and soft for the night and you will wake up with a soothing skin.

I hope you liked my post. For the review of other Himalaya products check my previous post or my YouTube Video.

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