Get Younger Looking Skin with Himalaya Youth Eternity in 4 Weeks

Lovers, forget your love,
and List your love of these,
She a window Flower,
And he a winter breeze
(Robert Frost) 

Skin aging is like the harsh hands of winters that are lurking right above your face window, peeping in slowly to rage you off. Do not wait for skin to show, wrinkles to appear and dullness to seep in. Get preventive and protective with a right skin care regime, cause when it comes to skin health, prevention had always been economical, better and effective than cure!

Preserve the Beauty of the Youth

I have often seen women asking for the right age to start their skincare regime. A couple of years back, in fact, I too was asking the same question. Like a lot of you, I thought I too am blessed with a great skin but that is like underestimating the otherwise cruel aging process.

Well, I am not against aging. Instead, I encourage age but age gracefully. Those who ware following me on Instagram would know where I am coming from.  I am 36 and though a lot of people tell me that I still look like 26, I still do not feel flattered as I can skin how my skin has deteriorated in last 2-3 years. It is high time that I need to regularize my skincare regime and get started with an end to end the anti-aging regime. While I was unsure of which product to pick, I got an invite from Himalaya Personal Care to experience the launch of their new anti-aging range- Youth Eternity.

Preserve the Beauty of the Youth with Himalaya Youth Eternity

The Goodness of Edelweiss (How It Works)

Our Youthful skin is the gift of nature. To protect the same, you need other gifted products in nature like the Edelweiss flower, a plant found in the pristine mountain slopes of the Europian alps. Edelweiss has a unique ability to preserve itself in harsh habitats. Any damages caused by the climatic conditions is reversed by the regenerative and self-renewing power of this lovely flower. Edelweiss if you have seen, always stays pure, fresh and blooming. Something that we would love our skin to be. No?

How it works [source brand]: The products apparently uses the plant stem cell technology that gives the Edelweiss flower the ability to preserve itself. The stem cells are combined with herbal active extracts of the flowers like Rose Myrtle, Woodfordia, Fire Flame bush and C Baccifera to give you the potent Himalaya Youth Eternity. 

To know more about the products visit the Himalaya Personal Care Website.

About The Range

The Youth Eternity range consists of three leave-on products viz-

1) Himalaya Youth Eternity Day Cream

It aims to soften the skin, reduces fine lines, wrinkles, age spots, and pigmentation in 4 weeks. It also claims to minimize visible pores (saving you a lot of cosmetic primers), even the skin tone and enhances the skin luminance.

Size: It comes in 10ml, 20ml, and 50ml. 
Price: Rs 499 for 50ml

2) Himalaya Youth Eternity Night Cream

It aims to soften the skin, reduces fine lines and wrinkles in 4 weeks. It also claims to improve skin hydration, skin tone, and increase skin elasticity.

Size: It comes in 50ml. 
Price: Rs 499 for 50ml

3) Himalaya Youth Eternity Under Eye Cream

The product promises to take of many eye issues like- hydrating the under-eye skin, reduces crow's feet, under eye pigmentation, wrinkles, fine lines and dark cirles in 4 weeks, while antioxidants in it help to treat puffy, morning eyes.

Size: It comes in 15ml. 
Price: Rs 525 for 15ml

Other Ingredients

Haute Kutir Experience
Being a Himalaya Personal Care active consumer [check my review of other Himalaya Products on the blog, link below), I have to give them a try. I am generally a bit skeptical about trying new anti-aging products as the chemical composition goes really high. Given the brand's legacy, I was happy to give them a try.

So it is over a week that I have started using the day and the night cream. My experience thus far is quite good as the emollient level is quite high and leaves your skin moisturized without any oil traces. The cream is indeed fast absorbing and have not caused any kind of itching or allergies thus far.

I have recently started wearing the eye cream. Though I liked the fact that unlike several other eye-creams, you need not have to use it before going to bed. The brand advocates to use this twice on a day and am glad that it does. 

The pricing is quite competitive and affordable

What I liked about these products

1) Use of Edelweiss Plant Stem Technology: I read about the Edelweiss flowers some years ago and was very keen to try it sometime. Glad that Himalaya Personal Care adopted its benefit in their new range

2) Hygienic and Sturdy, spill-proof Packaging: The day & the night cream, comes inside the lightweight, plastic pump bottles that make it quite hygienic to use the product without exposing the entire product to the light or the open environment. Hence, preserving the texture and composition. Even if the cream exchanges many hands, the pump bottles with transparent lids protect it. It is a big plus for me as compared to open mouth jars. 

Besides, the product packaging is handy, travel-friendly and unbreakable.

3) Non-Greasy and well fragrant (mildly): Good absorbancy is imperative for any anti-aging product. If your anti-aging product is greasy and does not seep too well into your skin, it may not able to benefit it but instead, add to damages. Likewise, a neutral fragrance is good for skin than the ones that are heavily scented.

4) Economical Pricing 

5) Turnkey Skincare: The range has 3 leave-on products for all your needs- day, night and eye care. Hence, you have a symmetrical composition working for you/your skin without making you invest in other products to suit the above needs and then work together as a comprehensive solution.

6) No Phthalates or Parabens

What Could Have Been Better

Cannot think of anything thus far. Maybe need to use more to see the translated benefits and improvements if any.

Haute Kutir Verdict

A great promise, a wonderful composition using Edelweiss and an attractive value proposition. If you are aged above 26, go for it, give it a try. After all, a good skin is the best makeup ever.


Say Yay to #PreserveYouthfulSkin and #preserveyouth.

Haute Kutir


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