New iPhone Red Special Edition Unboxing & Review

When I bought My New iPhone

I have been taking care of my business with Apple since the first quarter of this year. My job also requires me to travel and visit multiple APR stores across the country. Read surrounded by all Apple devices, conversations and R&D

Bitten by Apple bug, I got my iPhone 8+ Red and thought of sharing an unboxing with you all.

It is a special edition iPhone Red. A better version of the iPhone 7+. You have to see it believe. 

Unboxing Video

The phone has multiple features and storage versions. The one I bought has a storage of 256 GB. I shoot a lot of videos and hate the ever-shrinking size of my iCloud. Hence, I have gone for a higher version.  I have done an unboxing video for all my lovely viewers so that they get to know more about this phone. Watch my Unboxing video here-

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About iPhone Red

Its glossy, reflective and piece of joy to carry. However, it may appear a little bulky and heavy at times. 

It has a glass body and hence I have covered it with a transparent plastic back cover. 

Does it look good? It really does look good. The red really stands out. It is one of the finest versions of the iPhone Red with a black front. It has a bright silver Apple logo.

For the front screen, I have taken a neutral and clear tempered glass. I thought of going with a leather folio case which I firmly believe should be made available complimentary with the high priced phones in India, however, I have deferred the decision to purchase. 

Why iPhone Red?

Simply because it has a noble cause attached to it. For every iPhone Red sold, Apple donates a portion of the device bill to the global funds to Fight Aids. 

So far they have raised over $160 mn through the sale of Red editions. For 11 years, our partnership with (RED) has supported HIV/AIDS programs that provide counseling, testing, and medicine that prevents the transmission of HIV from a mother to her unborn child. [as claimed by Apple ORG, Cupertino]

The red edition not just includes iPhones but a whole range of accessories like headphones, smart covers, sleeve pouches, portable speakers, etc.

So next time when you hit an Apple store, I believe a lot of you will say- Gimme Red!

A lot of you may say that one can do charity without buying an expensive iPhone. True. But if you are a hard-core iPhone fan or want to buy only an iPhone, this is a noble way to get associated. So, stop being a hopeless cynic. Know your priority right and go for the phone that you wanted to own and not what the world would get envy seeing in your hand.

However, do learn that with iPhone there is a huge risk of high damage and replacement cost. So buy one, only if you can afford one and do not forget to ask for a Screen-Protect plan from the premium reseller. There are many plans but always go for the complimentary ones and avoid anything with too many terms and conditions. [edited]

How to protect the screen otherwise: A lot of Apple Premium Resellers provide Apple attached screen protect plan which gives you 1-2 free screen replacement. Trust me you need no other plan unless you are a rough user with limited resources. In either case, go for a glass screen guard either from the Apple store or open market. A cover [transparent or ornamental] always comes handy. For more Apple/iPhone/Macbook tips and tricks, do let me know. 

So, that's all about my iPhone Red. If you want to buy this model, let me know. If you plan to buy some other phone, do share the experience with me too.

My review as a user
Overall I am happy with my phone/model.
The only regret is the battery and the camera. There are few basic things that are amiss like - hold/pause feature in video mode. The manual mode. A lot of time the portrait [stage] mode may not work but if you are still using the phone and upgraded the software, you can change the different portrait mode while editing.

The glass is quite sturdy and it will take a very clumsy, irresponsible person to mishandle and break a new handset. Use the screen guard and DO NOT MISHANDLE your phone. I remember how I helped a co-blogger to claim Insurance for her phone but in return, she lied, swindled and played folly with the service provider. She was so dumb yet cunning that she took the service and compared a national manager with a Temp field salesperson in spite of all the timely help provided to her proactively. [lol some people are so fake] So it is very important to buy Apple products only if you can afford them.  cause the repair comes with an equally high price. No point haggling later or blaming the Insurance company.

Nevermind, coming back to phone review. I absolutely loved my phone. Though I had my share of fall and I need to replace the screen sooner.

Am I planning to invest in a new iPhone? Well, if the camera meets my requirements, why not. Cause I need my phone heavily for my blogging and vlogging and wanting desperately to have a depth of field to be introduced in mobile camera video mode [front and rear]. Well, that's the kind of innovation/feature I am looking at in my next phone. I even had a word with CMO at OPPO 2 years back, giving him the same feedback. Let's see when it gets done and importantly who gets it done first.

Another sought after feature is low-light photography which is not very promising in this model.

Remember, your phone is just a device and not your living companion. So invest more in real life companions/ people than staring at your phone all the time 😉😉

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