Reverse Makeup Challenge


Before I start this blog post, let me tell you two things. First that I am a makeup novice.

Frankly, I can't spend hours trying and practicing makeup on my face.

Secondly, I shoot with the simple phone camera to give as real-time footage as possible. And yes, there are no filters on my phone camera, nor any heavy photo-shop, Adobe editing tools.

Taking new challenges 

As a Blogger, I like to try different things and some of them are quite challenging. Whether you fail or you win, taking challenges are important and more importantly, the medium should be right.

So I have taken few challenges-

1) Reverse Makeup

Have stumbled upon few YouTubers taking a reverse makeup challenge. I have done few makeup tutorials which look better in real than the camera, so I thought let's try the reverse makeup. Why? Simply cause I do not go by the book all the time cause when it comes to makeup, the pages keep on changing.

2) Shooting on iPhone 

I have acquired a new iPhone Red and given my sometimes foolhardy experimental nature, I thought of shooting this challenge on my new iPhone, whose screen cover wasn't even removed. How experimental I am!

watch my new iPhone Red Unboxing here!

Reverse Makeup Challenge

Notwithstanding the fact that Nikki Tutorial, Tati, and others are global brands in name of makeup Youtubers [with their million subscribers against my feeble thousand], I ventured into this path. It may not be picture perfect [err do not refer the poor pics below cause my lighting was worse than my skills] but it was creatively encouraging [if not satisfying] 

What is the Reverse Makeup?

Simply suggesting, it is doing the whole makeup process in reverse wherein your first step of the make becomes your final step and your last step becomes the first step.

Sounds intriguing? well yes. However, it is not an impossible feat to achieve unless you follow every step very religiously. Even then, there's always a way to get it done, respectfully. I was little down on energy and like I said shooting on iPhone without checking the footage was my biggest achievement.

Well no, my biggest achievement was to transfer the files from my iPhone to my Mac [yeah you heard it right] It is easier for me to move my files from my Android to Mac, but hell yeah I will conquer it soon.

Do check the video for more. 

You can watch my video here and alternatively on YouTube [link]

Do let me know your views here or on the channel.

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